A Bathroom Tile Installation For Walls Is About More Than Simply Laying Bathroom Wall Tile!


A bathroom tile installation for walls, includes more than just laying the tiles to the walls.

To achieve a professional bathroom tile installation, you'll need first to have a plan on how you and your family will deal with the temporary inconveniences that come with tiling a bathroom.
You not only need to prepare your loved ones for the new wall tile installation but also your walls.  Bathroom wall tile just as any other wall tile requires a level and smooth tile underlayment.

For the dry areas of the bathroom, this would be a smooth drywall tile underlayment. But the rules change for wet areas such as a shower or tub surround. For these spaces, the tile underlayment needs to be cement backerboard or fiberboard.

You can be more lenient in choosing your bathroom wall tile as opposed to a bathroom floor tile. Bathroom wall tile doesn't have to endure the foot traffic nor does it need to be slip resistant.

Tiling bathroom walls doesn't have to be a stressful chore. Stay motivated with the beautiful bathroom walls you'll soon be marveling over, And keep in mind the more enjoyable you make tiling your bathroom, the better the results.

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Preparing You and Your Loved Ones For A Bathroom Tile Installation

Before you begin tiling bathroom walls, prepare yourself and your loved ones for the temporary inconveniences up ahead.

It will help to make your tiling job go smoother and your tiling results to look much more professional.

So What Is A Batten Board And What Does It Have To Do With Tiling Bathroom Walls?

For a bathroom tile installation to walls, you can't just simply lay the tiles on the walls and expect the to stay there, especially when you're testing out your tile patterns by dry laying them, or when adhering heavy wall tiles. A simple batten board will work as a shelf to hold your wall tiles to the wall.

Choosing Your Bathroom Wall Tile

The most exciting part of tiling a bathroom tile installation to walls is in choosing your bathroom wall tile. You can be more lenient in choosing your bathroom wall tile as opposed to a bathroom floor tile. Because bathroom wall tile doesn't have to endure the foot traffic nor does it need to be slip resistant!

Installing Ceramic Tile 

Installing ceramic tile is easy and there's nothing like watching your creation come to life! Now that you've prepared your wall tile underlayment and chosen your bathroom wall tile, You're now ready for tiling the bathroom wall!

When Tiling A Wall With Stone Wall Tile Always Use Thinset Mortar As Your Tile Adhesive.

When tiling a wall with a Stone wall tile or installing bathroom wall tile in wet areas, it is crucial that you use thinset mortar as your tile adhesive.

Tile mastic is ideal for installing ceramic wall tile, but if you use it as a tile adhesive with stone wall tiles, it will cause your beautiful tiles to bleed.

Easy Steps For Installing Mosaic Tile Patterns To Walls

There are beautiful Mosaic tile patterns that are composed of hundreds of tiny tiles and Some even come in intricate colors and shapes. 

But Mosaic tiles can be quite small. So it's important that the tile underlayment for your mosaic wall or floor tile installation  be perfectly flat and clean.  If not a tile may sink into a depression and rest below the neighboring tiles!

Edging Tiles

You won't need edging tiles if your bathroom wall tile reaches from the floor to the ceiling and from one end of the wall to the other, but If your bathroom wall tile is like most you'll inevitably need to use trim tile to finish off the rough edges of your Stone or Ceramic wall tile.

Use Bullnose Tile To Create A Beautiful Border For Your Bathroom Floor Tile And accept The Compliments With A Smile!

Bullnose tile is perfect for finishing off bathroom wall tile but that's not all bullnose tiles can do. They can also create an attractive border that pulls together the look of your bathroom wall tile to your bathroom floor tile with style.

Installing a Decorative Tile Border

Adding a tile border and tile trim to The top of a wainscot or bathroom wall tile can really add spice to the space.These are the ideal places to lay a colorful strip of decorative border tile and trim.

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