Use The Natural Warmth And Style Of Bamboo Flooring For Your Kitchen And Bathroom Flooring.


Bamboo flooring is a very warm and stylish floor design that has many of the physical similarities of a hard wood flooring. But has it's own distinctive qualities.

Bamboo brings a clean sort of elegant appeal to the room and not only do the floors look good, but are also durable and resistant to moisture. Which makes it an excellent choice for either a kitchen flooring or a bathroom flooring.

Bamboo  is manufactured from the bamboo plant. The majority of today's bamboo products originate in China and other parts of Asia.
The difference in Bamboo products manufactured in North American markets is that they're highly processed.

Thin bamboo stems are carefully chosen then cut as flat as possible. Then they're cut to similar lengths that can be stained, varnished, or simply used as is. They are then nailed down to wooden beams or bigger pieces of bamboo stems.

Bamboo is water Resistant: In fact, it is slightly more resistant to water damage, stains, and warping than hard wood flooring, While The pricing is about the same level.

Bamboo flooring is quite durable, But over time may become discolored and scratched. But the good thing about Bamboo is that its beauty can be renewed by refinishing it. You can give it a fresh new look by sanding it down and reapplying it's finishing coats.

Bamboo Colors

Bamboo ranges in colors from natural which is similar to beech and other hues that are similar from oak to mahogany. And like hard wood flooring, Bamboo also has all of the beautiful natural color variations.

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Bamboo Floor Installation

Bamboo is an easy floor installation. It is an Ideal choice for the do it yourself tiler desiring the beauty of a hard wood floor.

Bamboo has natural color variations. So always test out your bamboo layout before the real floor installation. Then you can lay your bamboo planks on the floor in what ever design you like.

This way your floor will have the color variations in just the right areas to suit your liking.

Bamboo can be applied to either a smooth plywood or on an above grade Cement Subfloor. And a Bamboo installation can consist of four different styles.

The Click Lock Bamboo installation is quite easy because it requires no glue at all. You simply snap each plank together. It's is ideal for beginner installers.

The Floating Tongue and Groove Bamboo installation require that each planks tongue and groove connector be glued together.

The Nail Down Bamboo installation consists of nailing down the bamboo planks to a plywood subfloor. It offers a fast, and cost efficient way to install Bamboo to floors.

The Glue Down Bamboo installation is most often used when installing Bamboo over concrete. But the concrete subfloor must be on or above grade level.

Bamboo Can Be Used Anywhere In The Home

Bamboo adds a warm, elegant appeal to any room in the home, But with its durability and water, resistant qualities it's the ideal choice for brightening up the kitchen and bath.

It's the perfect kitchen flooring when you desire the look of a wood flooring and need the durability and water and stain resistance only found in Bamboo.

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And When used as a Bathroom Flooring Bamboo not only delivers on the durability needed for a bathroom flooring, But also includes the beauty and warmth of a natural hard wood flooring.

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