The More Expensive Bathroom Tile is Very Practical to use for a Bathroom Backsplash Because You Only Need a Little to Create a Compelling Look


Some folks may wonder if a bathroom backsplash is really necessary, When you could simply paint the area behind your bathroom sink.
Well, this may be true, but while latex paint does a great job of protecting your drywall against the moisture in the air of the bathroom, it's no match for protecting your walls when it comes to large splashes and pools of water.

A Tiled bathroom backsplash will not only protect the water-vulnerable drywall against splashes and pools of water but will also bridge the gap between the wall and the bathroom countertop. Not only this but regarding looks, backsplashes carry a lot of weight in the design of a bathroom.
So how much of a bathroom backsplash do you need? Well, about 2 inches should suffice for protecting the wall, But why not use your bathroom backsplash as a decorating element and extend it higher up the wall?

A bathroom backsplash can be more versatile than many may realize. It can play the role of being both practical and also an attractive feature of the bathroom. It can be the visual glue that ties all the other design elements of the bathroom together.

Bathrooms and kitchens are the most looked at rooms in the home; They are rooms that are most visited by family, friends, and guests,

 When visitors enter your bathroom, they close the door behind them, and they have all the privacy they need to look around. It's not a bad thing; Everybody does it! So why not leave them with something pleasing to view.

You and Your family will stand in front of this backsplash many times a day to wash hands, brush teeth, shave or just to get a glimpse in the mirror now and then.

A beautifully designed backsplash can Make these moments a lot more pleasurable and create good memories.

Tips For Creating A Compelling Bathroom Backsplash

* What is the function of your tile backsplash? Your tile backsplash should protect the drywall behind the sink and be easy to clean.

* What are the best choices of a bathroom tile design for the backsplash?
 It all depends on the type of bathroom design you want to create and what you like.

So first determine the look you want and then choose the bathroom tile design to make it happen.

* Tile grout is as much of a design element as the tiles. The grout color can make a dramatic difference in how a wall tile installation will look.

* For an old world bathroom design, you may want to consider the warmth of natural stone or porcelain tiles that mimic the look. For a traditional design maybe Ceramic tile designs. And for a modern bathroom tile design Glass mosaic tile patterns or even metal bathroom tile designs.

* You can even use a mixture of two tile designs by using Mosaic tile  patterns as a decorative strip that runs from your main bathroom wall tile and continues right across your bathroom backsplash. Your choices are limited only by your imagination!

* Should you decide to install a Mosaic tile backsplash first consider where you will stop it vertically on the wall. You will also need to decide on a material specifically designed to top off the stopping point. Consider using such tiles as bullnose tile or listellos for your trimming off the tops and edges.

Below you'll find some examples of some good choices for bathroom backsplash tiles. Their purpose is only to get your creative juices flowing

Glass Tile

Glass tile creates interest to the walls. It's a beautiful highly gleaming option for adding color and style to a bathroom design; It's also one of the more expensive options

Glass mosaic tiles come in a variety of gleaming colors already assembled for you on a mesh backing, making for a relatively easy wall tile installation.
 A glass mosaic tile backsplash can range anywhere from neutral and subdued, to bright and cheerful.

Glass Mosaic tile patterns are ideal for anywhere from traditional to a modern bathroom design; They create a sleek, stylish bathroom tile design with clean lines.  Also, Glass tile can be combined with natural stone or Ceramic tile designs to provide a blend of both materials.

Marble Tiles

Marble tile is an excellent choice for creating a more formal appeal to the bathroom. It's easy to clean, making it as functional as it is beautiful,  Marble tile offers a range of colors that will complement the other elements of the bathroom.

And because Marble is a natural stone, every individual tile pattern is different, allowing you to create your own unique bathroom tile design.

Porcelain Tile

 Porcelain tile is the toughest of all ceramic tile backsplashes.  It is very durable and resistant to water. And it's also very versatile.
Porcelain tile offers all the colors and tile patterns of standard ceramic tile designs, And it also comes in tile designs that convincingly mimic the look and feel of natural stone tiles, all the way down to the texture.

Porcelain tile is an excellent and affordable choice for Stone or Ceramic tile backsplash, Making it perfect for anywhere from an Old world to a modern bathroom tile design.

Metal Tile

*Metal tile and Tin tiles make for a very attractive bathroom tile designs.  Metal tiles come in a variety of beautiful finishes like Bronze and stainless steel tiles. There are elegant Metal and tin tiles available that you simply peel off the backing and stick to the wall.

And these Metal tile designs work especially well for a modern bath design, but you can creatively work it into any style bathroom design you desire.

 Slate Wall Tile

Slate tile not only has the looks to create an attractive bathroom wall tile but when you continue it across the bathroom backsplash, it creates a look that's nothing less than compelling.

Honed slate tile is an excellent choice for a bathroom tile design. It's more durable than other slate wall tile designs, and it's also resistant to water and staining.

Ceramic Tile Backsplash

A ceramic tile backsplash can be anything you desire. It gives you the option of choosing from a broad array of  Ceramic tile designs and Ceramic Mosaic tile patterns.

There are Ceramic mosaic tile patterns that convincingly mimic the look of Glass mosaic tile patterns with just a little less of the gleam. A Ceramic tile backsplash is perfect for the bathroom. It's easy to clean, durable and inexpensive.

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