You're Done With your New Professional Looking Bathroom Tile Installation Now It's Time To reinstall Your Bathroom Fixtures!


Reinstalling your bathroom fixtures should be even easier than removing them after your new bathroom tile installation, because now you have a better idea of how it works. 

Now that your done with your beautiful, professional looking bathroom tile installation, it's time for reinstalling the fixtures, and enjoying your new bathroom makeover!

While you could have left these fixtures in place, and simply installed your bathroom wall tile or bathroom floor tiles around them, You'll now see that removing these bathroom fixtures took a little extra work, But for the quality of the professional looking results you achieve once you're done, it was well worth the extra chore of removing them.

 Reinstalling Your Bathroom Fixtures After The Bathroom Tile Installation.

Reinstalling The Vanity

*  Now that you're done with your new bathroom tile installation it's time to put your vanity back in place. To do this, you just reverse the stages to removing it.

* Your floor height might be a little different due to the height of your new bathroom floor tiles. And the same rings true for the density of your new bathroom wall tile.

But in most cases your pipes should still fit, In the case of them not quite reaching the drain pipe simply make new holes to the back of your vanity.

See the video below for more on reinstalling a vanity

Reinstalling Your Toilet

* To reattach your toilet, you will need two new Johnny bolts. Attach them to the flange, and remove the rag you earlier placed from the drain. Turn your toilet bowl upside down on a cushioned surface, and place a new wax gasket over the horn on the bottom of the bowl.

* Gently lower the bowl into place over the flange using the bolts as guides, and hand tighten the washers and nuts to the bolts.

* Once your satisfied with the way your toilet is seated further tighten the washers and nuts with a wrench until the toilet is seated firmly on the floor. Be careful not to over tighten the nuts as this could crack the porcelain.

Reconnect your water supply hose to the shutoff valve, and turn your valve handle counter-clockwise to open the valve. Once your tank is filled with water, flush it so you can check for leaks.

If you see any leaks shut off the water valve, and try tightening your water supply line and your Johnny bolts. Flush the toilet again, If the leak persists shut off the valve and call your plumber.

Once your done installing your toilet don't forget to caulk the joint between the bottom of your toilet and your bathroom floor tiles.

See the video below for how to install a new toilet.

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