The Bathroom Floor tile of  Today Offers Many Stunning Floor Tile Designs!


Bathroom floor tile is a lot easier To choose when you know what you need and have an Idea of the floor tile designs that are out there!
The Bathroom flooring you choose needs to not only enhance the look of your bathroom, but should also be practical and resonate with you and your type of lifestyle.

If you're the kind of person, who wants to have whatever look of bathroom flooring you desire and don't mind keeping up with the extra maintenance of caring for and sealing your bathroom floor tiles regularly, The sky's the limit for choosing your bathroom floor tile designs.

But if you have a busy lifestyle, And especially one that includes raising children, you probably won't have the time or the memory to care for anything extra at this point.

Without a doubt, You can still have a beautiful bathroom flooring, but you'll need to put a bit more effort into choosing a bathroom floor tile that's practical and serves your lifestyle.

About Bathroom Floor Tile

* Floor tiles are intentionally designed to be tougher than wall tiles. Because floor tile duty includes having to endure the continuous traffic of being walked on, played on and whatever else we do on the floor.

* Floor  tiles are also used as countertop tiles, So they also need to be able to stand up to scratches from knives, juices from food being prepared, And some even stand up to the heat of hot pots being sat on them.

* Wall tiles are thinner and less durable than floor tiles, Because food certainly won't be prepared on them, And under normal circumstances people don't walk on them. So in most cases wall tiles basic job is to stay on the walls and look good.

* Because of the durability issues You can always use floor tiles for wall tiles, countertop tile and floor tiles, But you should never use wall tiles as floor tiles or countertop tiles.

* And it doesn't stop there; Some floor tiles are not intended to be used as a bathroom floor tile. They're not designed to stand up to water and moisture or the slip resistance required of a bathroom floor tile. They're better to use as a beautiful flooring for maybe a living room, bedroom or foyer.

*Your bathroom floor covers one of the largest surfaces in the room, So it plays a huge role in the overall bathroom design and functionality.

* If you have a small bathroom consider choosing a bathroom flooring that's neutral and let your other bathroom design elements show off and display the color.

* for the smaller bathrooms the bathroom flooring should be more subtle and compliment the bathroom rather than take on the overall design. And neutral floor tiles tend to make the space appear larger and airier.

* For practicality, You'll need to consider the slip resistance of your bathroom flooring and how the tiles hold up to water and moisture. The bathroom is a pretty moist area, especially if like me you live an environment with cold winters. Those occasional hot showers almost turn your bathroom into a steam room.

Ceramic Bathroom Floor Tiles

Ceramic floors tiles like Unglazed Ceramic Tiles and Quarry Tiles are an excellent choice for a bathroom flooring. A lot of the Ceramic floor tiles are designed with the extra texture needed to prevent slippage. And once installed create a water tight barrier against moisture.

In most cases you will need to seal unglazed Ceramic tiles from time to time to keep them looking good and retain their strength against moisture. But in the long run you'll have a beautiful, practical bathroom flooring that will last for many years to come.

Ceramic Tile Floor

They come in a variety of beautiful tile colors and styles. And if you like the look of stone there is an assortment of porcelain floor tiles that convincingly mimic the look and texture of natural stone flooring. Porcelain floor tiles are very durable. They're a ceramic tile design but even tougher.

In fact, Porcelain floor tiles are one of the toughest Ceramic tile designs available. They're durable and highly resistant to water and moisture. And they won't need to be sealed. They allow you all the beauty and texture of a natural stone flooring without the added maintenance required.

Natural Stone Bathroom Flooring

The beauty of Natural Stone Flooring can not be denied. And to make them a more practical choice for a bathroom floor tile a lot of Natural Stone Flooring are also available in Honed or tumbled natural stone designs. And these styles of natural stone flooring will provide traction even when the floor gets wet.

Tumbled Marble Floor

The honed surface found in granite floor tiles and slate floor tiles is ground flat, and the surface is not polished, so it creates a slip resistant flooring that's much easier to clean.  And for a truly unique bathroom flooring there's River rock tile that ranges in soothing natural colors from monochromatic whites to vibrant brown and a variety of sandy hues that let you bring the grandeur of nature right into your bathroom.

The surface of Natural stone flooring can also be roughened like the Tumbled Marble floor tile. The rough finish makes for a rough textured slip resistant surface. Of course, these stone beauties will still need to be sealed regularly to protect them from the damages of water, But for the breathtaking look and feel of Natural Stone Flooring, it is a tiny price to pay.

Resilient Bathroom Flooring

Vinyl Floor Tile

Vinyl floor tile makes for an excellent bathroom flooring; There are luxury vinyl floor tile designs available today in a range of beautiful colors and styles that will complement any style of bathroom.  There are even luxury vinyl floor tiles that convincingly mimic the look of ceramic floor tiles. Porcelain floor tiles and natural stone flooring all the way down to the texture.

Vinyl Tile Floor

You also have the choice of choosing The beauty and softness of cork floor tiles or even Rubber floor tiles which not only make for a lovely bathroom floor tile but also offer such features as a watertight surface, softness underfoot and noise reduction.

Vinyl floor tile and Rubber floor tiles require no grout or sealing making them not only an easy floor tile installation, but also very easy to care for.

Laminate floor tile

Laminate floor tile is another good choice for a bathroom floor tile; It comes in all the shades and grains of natural wood flooring, but Laminate floor tiles are more durable than natural hardwood flooring, And they're also more easy to care for and easier to clean.

They are water and slip resistant and offer a beautiful wood floor for those who desire a bathroom wood flooring without all the maintenance requirements. And Laminate floor tiles come in a variety of other floor tile designs including look alikes to Ceramic floor tile designs and natural stone flooring. They offer a simple floor tile installation with no sealing of the tiles required.

Bamboo Flooring

Another option for a beautiful wood bathroom flooring is Bamboo Flooring. It comes in all the shades and grains of natural wood flooring, but like Laminate floor tiles, Bamboo flooring is more durable, easy to care for and easy to clean.

Once installed Bamboo flooring creates a striking, smooth, watertight surface that's perfect for a bathroom floor tile. And When used as a Bathroom Flooring Bamboo not only delivers on the durability needed for a bathroom flooring, But also includes the beauty and warmth of a natural hard wood flooring.

Nontraditional Bathroom Flooring

Glass Flooring

Glass Tile makes for a very stylish and durable bathroom floor tile. Glass flooring is nonporous, so it resists moisture and stains, And this makes it very easy to clean.

Glass flooring may sound like it's a bit fragile, But it's easily durable enough to use outdoors as the surface of a pool deck or patio so you know they make for durable bathroom floor tiles.

Glass flooring comes in a wide selection of brilliant, gleaming colors and patterns that feel good underfoot. And Glass flooring will brighten up just about any style of bathroom. The sheen of glass tiles easily exceeds that of even the glossiest of ceramic tile designs. Glass flooring is a fairly easy floor tile installation, It's very easy to keep clean and never requires sealing.

Cement Tile

Cement Tile allows you to add a bit of the excitement and zest to your bathroom floor. Cement bathroom tile designs radiate with a unique style of beauty that catches the eye of anyone that enters the room.

And Cement bathroom tile designs are not only perfect for creating a stunning look for residential bathrooms, But their supreme good looks and durability makes them more than suitable to be used for commercial applications. Cement tile is a very unique and durable bathroom flooring, but still requires sealing regularly to maintain it's stunning beauty and protect it from the damages of water.

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