Bathroom Pedestal Sinks, Vessel, And Wall Hung Sinks Are No Longer Just About  A Sink That Fits In Small Bathrooms.


Bathroom pedestal sinks, Vessels, and Wall-hung sinks are excellent choices for a small bathroom makeover,
They are great space-savers. These beautiful space saving sinks are not just about a good fit for small bathrooms anymore, Today's  designs are engineered to be both beautiful and durable enough to use for a bathroom makeover in any size bathroom.

Pedestal sinks can consist of a high gloss, stain resistant china, and fine fire clay finish, That easily resists staining, and mold and mildew. The durable finish helps to keep the surface of the sink cleaner, for longer periods of time.

Pedestal sinks come in an array of stunning colors and designs. And they also offer different shapes of round, oval, and rectangular.
They're as beautiful as they are functional! And they are uncomplicated and very well designed.

Vessel sinks sit on the counter, for a look that's nothing less than elegant. Vessel sinks bring a unique, stylish, up to date appeal to your bathroom that makes your bathroom makeover feel custom designed.

Many vessel sinks require vessel-specific faucets that depending on the look you want, can be installed to the countertop or the wall behind the sink.
Not only do they have a nice contemporary minimalist look that's ideal for small bathrooms and larger bathroom alike, but they also come in a variety of styles and colors that will easily fit in with just about any style of bathroom design.

Wall-hung sinks are another great choice for a bathroom makeover for large or small bathrooms.  They not only save a good amount of floor space, But also add a stylish flair to the bathroom, And are exceptionally functional for accommodating those with wheelchairs.

Space saving sinks are absolute Jewels for those looking to spruce up the look of small bathrooms! There are even bathroom pedestal, vessel and wall hung sinks designed to fit neatly into corners.

Tips For Space Saving Sinks

* Colors for space saving sinks can range anywhere from muted earth tones to bold, bright blues and greens.

* Pedestal sinks also offer a range of beautiful styles ranging from Victorian to contemporary.

* IF you decide to use color for your bathroom sink, consider a color you like and one that also fits well with the other color elements in the bathroom such as the tub and toilet, or bathroom wall and floor tile.

* Consider choosing a style of sink for your bathroom makeover that suits both your taste and the design of your bathroom?
* Select the size of your bathroom pedestal sink, wall hung sink or counter for a vessel sink by first considering the space you have available.
* These sink styles also work well in larger bathrooms, But they lack the extra storage space of bathroom vanities. However, this can easily be fixed by adding shelves or small storage furniture.

* When installing vessel sinks be sure that the faucet spout is long enough to reach over the bowl.

* Wall hung sinks are an added benefit to those who use wheelchairs, They  can give just the right amount of comfort to fit underneath and up close to the sink.

* Bathroom pedestal sinks, vessel, and wall hung sinks work very well In powder rooms or guest bathrooms. They provide style, They're easy to clean, and they take up minimal floor space.

Bathroom Pedestal Sinks

* Consider choosing a style of pedestal sink that suits both your taste and the design of your bathroom.

The more floor tile that shows the more spacier the bathroom appears. Pedestal sinks allow the view of up to an additional two rows of floor tiles when compared to most bathroom vanities.

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks make a bold statement of customized style to bathroom designs.

The countertop for vessel sinks can be any design you like, and you can install them at whatever height you desire. Just make sure it's at a height that's comfortable for most folks to use it

And you can make an even more, striking design by placing two vessel sinks together.

Wall Hung Sinks

Wall-hung sinks not only save space, and are easy to clean but depending on the model you choose can add a touch of noticeable flair to your bathroom. As with bathroom wall tiles, The More Bathroom floor tile exposed to view, the more spacious your bathroom will appear. So for a roomier appearance, Consider choosing wall hung sinks.

You install them to the wall, So they allow for your bathroom floor tile to show from underneath And give the illusion of more space.

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