Choose Your Bathroom shower Tile To Create Your Private Oasis

Bathroom shower

Choose your bathroom shower tile in a style that generates real warm feelings and resonates with you and your home. It should feel like your private retreat, where all of the days cares can be washed away.
Your shower tile wakes you in the morning and tucks you in at night; You should choose a bathroom wall tile that will make these times pleasant and serene, yet invigorating.

Tips For Choosing Your Bathroom Shower Tile

* Bathroom shower tile will get very wet, and it will get dirty too, so it's a good idea to choose a bathroom wall tile that's not only waterproof But also one that's stain resistant and easy to clean.

But on the other hand we're talking about creating your retreat! So we should consider what you want and like.

* If you love the look of Stone tile in your bathroom, by all means you should have it. But be aware that to use them you'll have to commit to keeping up on sealing them regularly.

* If you don't want to commit to it, There are Porcelain floor tiles available that convincingly mimic the look of Natural Stone Tiles. Porcelain floor tiles are one of the most durable tiles you can use and they require very low maintenance.

* Porcelain floor tiles are a bit more expensive than regular Ceramic tiles but well worth the extra cost. You can have the beauty of a Natural Stone Bathroom wall tile along with the durability of the Porcelain floor tile.

* Color Affects Size And the Mood of your Shower
Light color tiles tend to make the shower feel larger while darker color tiles do the opposite.

* Color tiles in reds, yellows and oranges have a warm, invigorating affect. Blues, violets, and greens are cool colors; they give the space a peaceful calming appeal.

* If you want t o create a formal appeal to your shower use glossy tiles.

* For more of a warm rustic appeal choose the more rough textured tiles like Tumbled Marble, Slate Tile or Unglazed Ceramic Tiles.

Glazed Ceramic Tile Shower Or Tub Surround

A glazed ceramic tile shower can take on whatever look you desire. You can use warm colors for a warm, serene atmosphere, or you can use bright, vigorous colors for an invigorating eye-catching ceramic tile shower.

And Glazed Ceramic tiles are stain resistant and easy to clean.
Glossy glazed ceramic bathroom tile intensifies the color of a tile, and gives the space a formal appeal.

Porcelain floor tile For A Tub Surround Or Bathroom Shower Tile

Porcelain floor tiles make for an excellent bathroom shower tile. They are highly resistant to water and stains, so their very easy to clean.

Porcelain floor tiles come in a huge array of colors and finishes from glossy glazed to the look of rough Stone.

Marble Tile Shower Or Tub Surround

The beauty of a Marble Tile shower is breathtaking. Depending on the look you desire you can bring the warmth of the tumbled Marble tile or the elegance and formality of the glossy Marble tile and create a warm enclosure of Natural Stone.

Marble Tiles range in colors from almost pure white to nearly black, with shades of pink gray and green in between, And the Natural veining on the tiles can create beautiful designs within the tiles themselves.

Keep in mind that Marble tiles are porous The Tumbled Marble even more than the glossy. But when used as a shower tile you'll need to commit to keeping both Marble tile styles regularly sealed or consider using a Porcelain Floor Tile instead.

Slate Tile Shower Or Tub Surround

You can't describe a Slate shower as anything more than WOW!  What an absolutely beautiful shower.

Slate tiles Come in elegant hues of greens, grays, blues, reds, blacks, and even maroon . They are typically displayed in a classic quilted pattern. Slate Showers add a gorgeous looking enclosure of warmth to your shower that can only come from a  Natural stone tile.

As with the Marble Tile shower, Slate Tile is porous, So you'll need to commit to keeping It regularly sealed or you can also consider using a Porcelain Floor Tile instead.

Using Mosaic Tile Patterns For A Tub Surround Or Bathroom Shower Tile

If you choose Mosaic tile patterns, you can easily create anywhere from a colorful shower tile with all the colors of the rainbow, to a shower tile with one or two colors.

Mosaic tile patterns can be used as an instant band of color and texture because they are small tiles that are already arranged on a mesh backing for you.

Mosaic tile patterns come in your choice of ceramic tile, stone tile, Glass Tile and even Marble Tile. They're also available in a wide variety of colors shapes and textures. And they're very easy to install.

Ceramic Mosaic Tile Patterns

A ceramic mosaic tile pattern is ideal for a bathroom wall tile. It can give you all the beauty and vigor of a glass bathroom shower tile.

Ceramic Mosaic tile patters comes in a variety of brilliant colors and finishes from the bright, gleamy look of a glass mosaic tile pattern to the rustic appeal of an unglazed ceramic tile.

Glass Mosaic tile pattern

Glass mosaic tiles can add a stunning gleaming surface to your bathroom shower that not even the glossiest of ceramic tiles can beat.
And they're water and stain-resistant and durable enough to be used as a glass floor tile.

Glass mosaic tile patterns come in a wide array of colors, And they can be opaque, clear, frosted or tinted.

Glass Mosaic tile can be expensive when used as a complete bathroom shower tile. But they add such a fabulous style to the bathroom where you can integrate them into your other bathroom shower tile, as a tile border or what ever other creative designs that come to mind. 

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