Use These Bathroom Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms To Create An Even Better Looking Bathroom Makeover!


 Bathroom Tile Ideas for small bathrooms are a bit different than those for bigger ones. For standard or larger size bathrooms, a do it yourself bathroom makeover may include selecting bathroom wall tile and bathroom floor tile designs to enhance the look of the bathroom.

But when it comes to a bathroom makeover for small bathrooms, usually your biggest bathroom tile ideas are in how to make it look bigger!

But bigger is not always better. You can turn it around where having a small bathroom can work in your favor.
For example, When you are designing a smaller area you can use the more expensive elegant bathroom tile designs because you'll need a lot less of them.

You can use wall and floor bathroom tile designs you probably wouldn't even consider purchasing for a larger bathroom.
Small bathrooms are easy to clean because there are not many places for the dirt to hide. And let's not leave out that small bathrooms are also warm and cozy, 

And most importantly is the good feelings you'll gain after your new bathroom makeover with the look and feel of a more spacious bathroom!

Bathroom Tile Ideas For Small Bathroom Walls

Bathroom walls can drastically affect the appearance of the size and space in a small bathroom. So your bathroom tile ideas for your walls should not only include choosing a bathroom wall tile that appeals to you, But also how to show more of it. The more bathroom wall tile visible, the bigger the bathroom will appear.

Wall Tile To The Ceiling

*If you Install your bathroom wall tile from floor to ceiling, It creates the illusion of the walls looking taller and the ceiling being higher.

* Matching the grout to your tile color creates smoother color contrast giving the impression of spaciousness,

* Light colored neutral bathroom wall tile designs tend to make the space look and feel bigger and airier while darker colors create a more closed in effect.

* If you install subway tiles horizontally they create the illusion of wider bathroom walls, Turn them around vertically, and the walls appear taller.

* A diagonal wall tile installation not only gives a small bathroom a more spacious appearance but also offers drama and depth.

* If you arrange the bathroom so that all the walls are visible, including those behind showers and tubs, It makes the room appear larger.

Clear Shower Stall

*  Opaque shower doors and enclosures are ideal for privacy, but they also take away valuable space from small bathrooms.  You want to show every inch of space possible, and usually with small bathrooms you don't have enough of it to create a shower space and a sink area.
Your better off using a clear glass shower door that opens up the bathroom and gives the look and feel of one big room.

* You can even use your shower curtain for opening up space in the bathroom. Raising the shower pole, so the curtain is as close to the ceiling as possible gives the walls the appearance of being much taller.

* Glossy bathroom wall tile reflects the light and brightens up a small bathroom and in turn makes the bathroom seem bigger.

* Mosaic tile designs are glossy, But they have a lot more grout lines than standard sized tiles. And they tend to make the walls of a small bathroom look too busy,

For a small bathroom, you'll do better to use a glossy, larger and more simpler Bathroom wall tile design For creating the appearance of a bigger bathroom.

Recessed Medicine Cabinet

* Cabinets and shelves that protrude from the walls of a small bathroom tend to give the feeling of being cluttered and boxed in even if the items inside of them are out of from view.

 For smaller bathrooms, it's best to either keep everything below waist level or recess them inside the wall.

There are beautiful medicine cabinets that have the appearance of a stylish oval or rectangular mirror, But you can open the mirror like a door and expose a spacious medicine cabinet that's recessed right into the wall. These are excellent for adding more space to the small bathroom.

It can really personalize and warm up the bathroom when you display an interesting print or photo in the bathroom. But a lot of small bathrooms don't allow for much wall space, but if you can show just one, select a dark colored or black frame or a selection of them to display your art, posters or photos. Black tends to stand out, especially with a light neutral background.

Bathroom Tile Ideas For Small Bathroom Floors

Bathroom Cabinet With Legs

As with bathroom wall tiles The More Bathroom floor tile exposed to view, the more spacious your bathroom will appear.

* If you like the look of a cabinet or maybe a chair in the bathroom, choose designs with legs. They allow for your bathroom floor tile to show from underneath And give the illusion that their not taking up so much space

Pedestal sink

* Lighter neutral color bathroom floor tiles make the floor look more spacious.

*Pedestal sinks, vessel sinks and  wall hung toilets are very attractive, and they're also great space savers.  They allow for much more of your bathroom floor tiles to show as opposed to standard bathroom fixtures. They may give you as much as an extra row or more of bathroom floor tile to expose making the bathroom appear quite a bit bigger.

* It's amazing how a simple, small bath mat can take up a  bit of valuable space from your bathroom floor tile in small bathrooms.  So when your bathroom mat is not in use, Simply store it by laying it on the side of the tub and out of sight behind the shower curtain.

 Bathroom Tile Ideas For Lighting For Small Bathrooms

With a small bathroom in mind, there's no need to light up every corner of the bathroom; It's actually better to create a few shadows.

Romantic Lighting

When your farthest and closest walls have the same lighting, it gives the feel of the walls being too close and the effect of being in an even smaller room.
You'll want to make your lighting more romantic in a small bathroom, So dim up the overhead lighting to create a general glow, And add wall sconces or other creative lighting near your mirror to focus and reflect the light and give your bathroom the feel of a bigger space.

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