Choosing A Bathroom Wall Tile gets Much Easier When You Know What To Look For!


Your bathroom wall tile and bathroom floor tile sets the stage for all the other design elements in the bathroom, And they're also most likely the biggest surfaces in the room to cover. So you'll want to choose bathroom tile designs for your walls that not only enhance the look of your walls but also complement your bathroom floor tile.

You can be a little more lenient in choosing your bathroom wall tile as opposed to selecting a bathroom floor tile.

Walls don't get walked on so they don't need to be slip resistant or tough enough to hold up to foot traffic.

On the other hand, durability and water resistance may be a concern with certain sections of the bathroom wall like a tub surround or shower;

These areas of the wall will regularly be exposed to water and staining, And the frequent cleaning needed for these areas of the bathroom wall.

So besides looking good, you'll want your bathroom wall tile around a tub surround or your bathroom shower tile to be water and stain resistant and easy to clean. 

If you want to tile all of your bathroom walls including the shower with the same type of tile design, Choose a good bathroom shower tile, it will more than suffice for a bathroom wall tile for the rest of the bathroom.

Or you could choose a Porcelain Floor tile that mimics your desired tile design for the bathroom shower tile and for the other areas of the bathroom; you can use any tile you want.

About Bathroom Wall Tile

* lighter bathroom tile colors tend to make the bathroom look and feel bigger and airier, while darker tile colors create a more warm and cozier appeal.

* Neutral color tiles allow you to change your bathroom color scheme whenever you desire, while deeper tones require you to be more careful that the colors will complement each other.

*You can use the color of your bathroom wall tile to create whatever mood you want to your bathroom.

* A diagonal wall tile installation makes the room feel larger. It also adds a bit of drama to the bathroom.

* Subway wall tiles make the room appear wider. And if you turn them around and install them the long way up they'll make the room appear taller.

* When Selecting a bathroom tile for your walls, consider choosing one that will enhance the look of your bathroom floor tiles.

* If you'll  be tiling a wall around a tub surround. Installing a new tub requires that the tiles around the tub be torn out. So before your bathroom, tile installation is the best time to decide if you need a new tub.

* Before your wall tile installation decide if you want to add decorative tiles or a decorative tile border. pebble tile, glass mosaic tile, and ceramic mosaic tile are all great choices to start.

* Finish off your new wall tile installation with the correct edging tiles.

*You can install your bathroom wall tile to a solid, smooth drywall or plaster surface, but for tiling the shower or tub surround you'll need to install a cement backerboard tile underlayment.
 Bathroom Wall Tile.

Glazed And Unglazed Ceramic Wall Tile

Glazed Ceramic wall tile is an excellent choice for bathroom wall tile. Not only does it give your bathroom a stunning formal appeal, but it's also practical. It creates a strong ceramic shield for the bathroom wall that keeps the water out.
The surface of Glazed ceramic wall tile is scratch resistant and very easy to clean.

There is a broad range of Ceramic wall tile designs available, and they come in an array colors and styles. There are glazed ceramic mosaic tiles that convincingly mimic the look and feel of the more expensive mosaic glass wall tile.

And If you prefer a less formal look for your bathroom, there are Ceramic wall tile designs that are glazed but don't have the glossy finish. So you get all the benefits of glazed Ceramic tile without the gloss.

And if you prefer the beautiful rustic appeal of the unglazed ceramic tile. It's fine to use it as a bathroom wall  tile or a bathroom shower tile, You'll just need to keep up on sealing them regularly.

Porcelain Floor Tile

Another option for a Ceramic wall tile design is Porcelain floor tile. They're tough enough for floors, so you know you've got a winner when it comes to durability in a wall tile.

You have the choice of using a glazed or unglazed porcelain tile without having to seal the tiles. And Porcelain floor tile also makes for the perfect bathroom shower tile.

There are Porcelain floor tiles designs available that convincingly mimic the luxurious look of Natural Stone Tile. And this also includes Mosaic Stone tile designs.
You can have it all! The beauty of Natural Stone along with  the durability of Porcelain floor tiles at a fraction of the cost.

Glass Wall Tile

Glass wall tile is an excellent choice for a bathroom wall tile. It ranks high on the list of beautiful bathroom wall tiles. Glass wall tile is water and stain resistant, and durable enough to use as a bathroom floor tile and a bathroom shower tile. It requires no sealing of the tiles and it's very easy to clean.

Glass wall tile can be expensive; especially when tiling the entire bathroom. But these breathtaking glass tiles are a beautiful addition even when used as an accent tile or a tile border to any bathroom wall tile. You can even create a beautiful eye-catching focal wall by tiling just one wall with glass wall tile.

No matter  how you use it Glass wall tile will become the eye-catching focal point of the room.

Glass wall tile adds a bright gleaming surface to any room. These tiles have a sheen that can easily exceed even the glossiest of ceramic tile designs.

Marble Tile

Polished Marble tile is a natural stone tile that when used as a wall tile creates pure elegance to the room.

Marble tile has two defining qualities.It has a handsome striated appearance, and the ability to be polished to a glass like shine. Some Marble tiles are dense and  glass like while others are soft and absorbent.

Both polished marble tile and tumbled marble tile make for a stunning bathroom tile. Polished marble reflects the light of the room, and brightens up the entire space.  While Tumbled marble adds a stunningly handsome character of a more rustic appearance.
They both come in strikingly beautiful hues ranging from almost pure white to green, red or even black, with natural patterns of veins in shades of pink, green and gray.

To keep your Marble tile looking good in the shower requires keeping the tiles regularly cleaned and sealed and wiping the tiles dry after each use. You can also use a Porcelain Tile that mimics Marble for the shower area and tile the remaining walls with genuine Marble.

Slate Wall Tile

Slate tile is a natural stone tile. No other tile can beat its beautiful natural hues of blue, black, green, maroon, red, orange, or any combination of these, These beautiful tiles bring the appeal of warmth to the bathroom that only Natural Stone Tile Can Bring.

slate wall tile

The slightly ridged surface of the harder slate tile can be honed to a smooth easy to clean tile surface that makes them ideal for not only a bathroom floor tile but also a stunning wall tile or even bathroom shower tile.

A bathroom tiled from ceiling to floor with slate tile has a very classy elegant appeal, but it comes at a high price.

To keep your Slate tile looking good in the shower requires keeping the tiles regularly cleaned and sealed and wiping the tiles dry after each use. You can also use a Porcelain Tile that mimics Slate for the shower area and tile the remaining walls with genuine Slate.

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