There May Come A Time When Bathtub Refinishing Is The Best Solution!


So when is the time for bathtub refinishing?
How about this scenario, Here you are finishing up on your do it yourself bathroom makeover. The new bathroom wall tile and bathroom floor tiles look fabulous. But when you look over at your tub, it just ruins the look of the entire bathroom. You still like the tub, And the structure appears to be in pretty good shape, But the finish looks dull and worn.

Well, there is another alternative to having to rip out your new bathroom tile and installing a new tub.  Refinishing your tub may be just the solution.

The average cost for labor and replacing a tub is $3000.00 or more, While refinishing it is a fraction of the cost, and there's no need for ruining your bathroom wall tile or interrupting your bathroom floor tiles.

When planning your bathroom makeover, keep in mind that A professional can restore the surface of your tub to look and feel like new again, Saving you thousands of dollars and it also allows you to avoid days or even weeks of demolition mess that comes with replacing a tub.

Do It Yourself Bathtub Refinishing Verses Hiring A Professional

If you're Thinking about doing your bathroom makeover yourself, tiling your bathroom is well within your reach, but when it comes to refinishing the tub this can be quite challenging.

A tub refinishing kit will never give you the results that you'll get from a professional.

A good refinishing job on a tub should be very glossy and smooth to the touch, and it should have a uniform appearance. Although there may be some good do it yourself kits out there, And the choice is yours if you want to to try them,

Keep in mind that A lot of the work that tub professionals do is in redoing others attempts of  trying to refinish their tub, so it may be best to save yourself the time, aggravation and money and hire a professional to do the work right.

So What Does a Professional Tub Re-finisher include?

A professional bathtub refinishing job usually includes Removing the existing caulk. Then Using a two-step cleaning process to remove soap scum, body oils and whatever types of dirt are present.

They then use a safe nonacid bonding agent to ensure that the new glossy smooth surface will last. Next, they use a porcelain chip repair and then spray on two to three coats of high-tech acrylic urethane to assure an even surface.

The final step which will make you happy that you hired a Pro, is when they buff and polish the surface to deepen the gloss, And create that like-new porcelain look and feel.

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