Tiling tips for Berber Carpet Tile


The versatility of Berber carpet tile can really stir up your creative juices and help you to create the floor tile designs of your dreams!

You can use Berber Tiles to create Instantly an attractive wall to wall carpet, an eye-catching area rug. Or even your own impressive custom floor tile designs.

There are several types of Berber carpet tiles ranging in materials of nylon, olefin, and wool. With Olefin being the most popular, and most affordable of the Berber line.

Berber tile comes in a wide array of beautiful colors and textures, so these carpet tiles allow you the freedom to be as creative as you like.
You can mix different colors and textures of Berber tiles together or do whatever you desire to create your own original floor tile designs.

It doesn't matter how you lay them. They'll always bring a feeling of softness, comfort and warmth to the home. And Berber tiles are a snap of a floor tile installation.

Berber tiles are also very durable and stain resistant. And this is what makes them not only an excellent choice for the home, but they're also quite often used as a commercial carpet tile. The beauty and durability of these carpet tiles are widely used as a commercial carpet tile, to warm up the environment of schools, libraries, and Doctor offices.

About The Berber Carpet Floor Tile Installation

*Allow your carpet tile to sit in the room for 48 hours before beginning your floor tile installation. Allowing your carpet tiles a chance to adjust to the temperature and humidity of the room.

*If you desire the look of a wall to wall carpet, be sure to check the dye lot numbers on your carpet tile cartons to make sure your tiles are all the same color and texture.

*There are arrows located on the back of carpet tile which show you the direction in which to lay your carpet tile. Use these arrows to place all of your carpet tiles in the correct direction.

* It's not recommended that you lay your carpet tile with the arrows in a random pattern.

*If you desire a checkerboard pattern, lay your carpet tile with the arrows at 90 degrees.This pattern significantly reduces the appearance of future wear.

*A plywood tile underlayment works best for a carpet floor tile installation.

*Do not lay carpet tile over cushioned surfaces such as vinyl tile, sheet goods, or existing carpet. It's best to remove them and prepare the plywood tile underlayment underneath.

*In the case of a concrete subfloor, check for damage and moisture problems before you begin your carpet floor tile installation.

* After You've prepared your tile underlayment you'll need to measure your floor to determine the center and snap your chalk reference lines.

* When you're done preparing your subfloor go here for installing your Berber tiles.

Berber Carpet Tile

*Berber Checkerboard Floor Tile Patterns

*Checkerboard floor tile patterns are very common among vinyl, ceramic and stone floor tiles, but Berber carpet tiles turn the standard checkerboard floor tile pattern into a work of art.
They are well known for their beauty, durability, high stain resistance, and the simplicity of their floor tile installation.

*Berber Tiles Comfort And Warmth

*The warmth and durability of Berber tile are perfect for creating a soft, warm, comfortable flooring for children in the home.
That's  why  it's often used as a commercial carpet tile for libraries and schools

Berber Tiles Dampen Sound

*Berber Carpet tiles are not suitable for wet areas. But an excellent choice for home offices, music rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms.
They work perfectly for any room where you desire the softness, warmth and sound dampening of carpet.

*The Loop Pile Construction

*Berber Tiles have a beautiful loop pile construction and usually contain small flecks of dark color on lighter shades of background. No Matter where you lay Berber Carpet Tile you'll create feelings of warmth and comfort.

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