Install Berber Carpet Tiles and Create Carpet Floor Tile Designs of Your Dreams


Berber carpet tiles come in a wide array of styles. And they make installing wall to wall carpeting a breeze. They allow you to create all sorts of interesting floor tile designs anywhere from checkerboard to stripes to a staggered brick lay floor tile pattern.

The floor tile installation for Berber carpet tile is very simple . And the tiles are very easy to cut,  making for an even easier floor tile installation.

You have the option of matching the carpet tile colors and textures of all your carpet tiles and create the look of a stunning wall to wall floor tile design or creating interesting floor tile patterns by mixing them up.

There's no limit to the floor tile designs you can create with Berber carpet tiles. You can even get creative and invent your own impressive floor tile designs. And just imagine the possibilities, if you were to install your carpet tile to enhance the scheme or design of your room!

Installing Berber Carpet tiles are less expensive than purchasing wall to wall carpet, And since their tiles. They make for a quick and easy floor tile installation that just about anyone can do. So you also save quite a bit in installation fees.
And if one or two of your Berber tiles should get damaged or worn, you can just pull up a tile or two and replace the damaged carpet tiles with fresh new ones.

Installing Carpet Tiles With the Sticky Dot Method

Some carpet tile designs require tile adhesive, Then there's other's where you simply peel off the backing and press them on the floor.

For this carpet floor tile installation, we will be using 24x24 inch carpet tiles, And using an increasingly common method for a carpet floor tile installation. It utilizes sticky dots that you apply to the floor as you lay your carpet tiles.

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Step 1- Dry Lay A Test Row Of Your Carpet Tile

Once you've prepared your tile underlayment, start dry laying your carpet tiles using your chalk reference lines as your guide.

Dry-lay rows of carpet tiles to both of the chalk reference lines. Check to see if any of your edge carpet tiles will need to be cut to less than half a tile. If they do try shifting that row of tiles to one side or the other. You are doing this to achieve half tile or more than half tile cuts because less than half tile cuts tend to make the floor tile installation look unprofessional.

Once you are pleased with your floor tile arrangement, Check to ensure that all of your carpet tiles are tight together. Then use your straightedge or a level to ensure they are aligned perfectly.

Step 2- Start Your Carpet Floor Tile Installation In The Middle Of The Floor

Starting in the center of the room, apply your sticky dots. Position them so your first carpet tile will lay with a tip at the center point of the chalk lines, and two sides riding along the chalk lines.
And the second tile, so that one side is lined up and flush with the first tile, and the other up against a chalk line.

Peel the backing off a floor dot, then lift an edge of another carpet tile and place a dot halfway under the tile.

The sticky dot surface will hold the tiles together and the rubbery bottom surface of the dot will keep the interconnected layer of carpet tiles from moving around on the floor. Lay two sections of your floor tiles in the same manner and for now, leave the edge sections where you'll need to cut the carpet tiles.

Step 3- Mark For Cuts To Your Berber Carpet Tiles

Now that you have your carpet tiles laid to two of your chalk line sections of the floor, we can start working on cutting your end tiles for each row.

So first flip a new tile face down and slide it under your last tile of a row and against the wall, Then use a marker to trace the cut line on the back of the new tile.

Step 4- Cut Your Berber Carpet Tiles

Hold either a scrap of straight wood or a level against your cut line, then trace the cut line with a sharp utility knife.

It's better to make a few light passes with the knife through the carpet tile than to make one or two hard ones. Once you've cut through the backing, the rest of the carpeting will pull apart easily.

Step 5- Complete Your Carpet Floor Tile Installation

Continue laying your carpet tile to your remaining two sections of the floor. Starting in the center of the room and working  your way out to the wall.

Lay about four tiles at a time, apply the sticky dots and move on until you have Completed laying your whole carpet tiles and then measuring and cutting your tiles as you did earlier. Then take a few moments to pat yourself on the back, and enjoy looking at your new carpet floor tile installation.

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