The Beauty And Durability Of Black Granite Tile Is Unsurpassed And It's Versatile Enough To Use For Anywhere From Bathroom Wall Tiles To A Kitchen  Countertop Tile And Kitchen Floor Tile!


Black Granite tiles beauty is unsurpassed; It has a gleaming mirror-like appearance that will hold the reflection of everything within its range. And it's stylish and versatile enough for many different uses in the home.

Granite is formed from slow cooled Magma under a tremendous amount of pressure; It has long been used as a building material. It is one of the hardest stones available. So just imagine the different ways you can use it to add style your home?

To name a few, Black Granite Tile Makes for a stunning and stylish bathroom wall tile, bathroom countertop,  kitchen countertop tile, kitchen floor tile and a breathtaking fireplace tile.

Test Your Black Granite For Stain Resistance

* Not all Granite tiles are the same some granite tiles are somewhat absorbent and can be easily stained, And especially those with a lot of surface pattern.
You can test for these tiles by dripping water on the tile. If the area darkens then, it's absorbent and will stain. In some cases, the front of the tile may have been treated, So be sure to test the back also.

The solution is that you can seal granite tile regularly with an impregnating sealer, to protect these beautiful tiles from staining,

Black Granite  floor tiles

Black Granite makes for sleek and very stylish kitchen floor tile, It brings a  mystical type of drama to a room with its breathtaking crystalline character;  along with its toughness and durability. 
It's astonishing how a natural stone tile so beautiful, can also be so durable!
You can choose Black granite tile in a polished finish which offers a gleaming shine or a honed with a matte look that's easier to maintain,
Polished granite floor tile makes for an exquisite kitchen floor tile, but polished granite floor tile can also be very slippery when wet.

Should you decide on installing Granite tile in an area that will be exposed to moisture such as a kitchen or bath, Consider choosing the granite floor tile with a honed finish. Because the matte finish makes for a lot less slippery a surface, and it's also easier to maintain.

Tiling Tips For Granite floor Tile

*Make all cuts with a wet saw.

*Set in latex reinforced thinset

*Installing granite tile works the same as a marble floor tile installation, install both with the thinnest of grout lines.

Black Granite Tile For A Bathroom Countertop, Kitchen Countertop Tile

Black granite tile is known for creating some of the most stylish of kitchen and Bathroom countertops.
And Granite kitchen countertop tile is durable enough to handle just about any job in the kitchen. They won't be scratched by knives, scorched by cookware or even etched by household acids.

Granite tile can be expensive, especially when purchased in a solid slab. But Granite tiles cost far less. If You desire, you can use polished granite tiles to create the illusion of a solid kitchen or bathroom countertop slab. You simply install them with the thinnest of grout lines, match up your grout to the Granite tile color and there you have it, the look of a solid Granite kitchen or bathroom countertop.

Black Granite Bathroom Counter Tile And Bathroom Wall Tile 

Black Granite Adds Pizazz To A Bathroom! And it works well both as a bathroom wall tile for a tub surround or even as a complete bathroom shower tile.

You can easily envelope yourself in the unique sleek; stylish warmth Black Granite brings to a bathroom wall tile, tub tile and bathroom counter combined. A Black Granite bathroom is absolutely stunning, The only problem you'll have is in finding other places to use it.

Black Granite Fireplace Tile

It's amazing how one simple touch can light up a room. And Black Granite has the power to do it. Use Black Granite as a fireplace tile and it adds a classic, elegant appeal to the entire room.

All you need to do is tile the face of your fireplace and a small area of the floor surrounding it, And there you have it, Instant style, class and elegance.

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