Use Bullnose Tile To Create A Beautiful Border For Your Bathroom Floor Tile And accept The Compliments With A Smile!


Bullnose tile is perfect for finishing off bathroom wall tile but that's not all bullnose tiles can do. They can also create an attractive border that pulls together the look of your bathroom wall tile to your bathroom floor tile with style.

About Bullnose Tile And Your Floor Tile Installation

* Whenever your bathroom makeover includes installing new bathroom floor tile and bathroom wall tile, always complete the job of installing your bathroom floor tile first, and always Select a bathroom wall tile that will complement your floor tile designs.

* You can't go wrong when installing an attractive well put together tile baseboard, so get ready to sit back and accept the compliments from family and friends with a smile.

* If you have out of level floors, not to worry. The bullnose base will help in making your floor appear to be more level because you'll make up the difference in the joint between the bathroom floor tile. All you need to do is simply adjust the tops of your base tiles to make all the tops level.

* There are tile manufacturers who produce bullnose tiles that match the bathroom floor tiles while others don't. If the bathroom floor tile you're using does not, simply purchase extras of your particular floor tile designs and cut them to the height you desire.

Installing Your Bullnose Tiles

After installing your bathroom wall tile clean off any Thinset tile adhesive, grout or any other type of debris that may have found it's way to the wall. Also, vacuum up any debris that may be on the surface of your bathroom floor tile.

You'll Need

a pencil, a snap-chalk tool, 4 foot bubble level, thinset tile adhesive, V-notch trowel, Tape measure, Grout float, Grout that matches the color of your bathroom floor tiles, Grout sealer, Wet tile saw, Vacuum, Silicone caulk,

Step 1

Lay the bullnose tile against the wall with the same size spacers you used for installing your bathroom floor tile. Place plastic wedges at the bottom of the tiles to adjust the tile heights until all the tiles are level on top.

Make sure that the joints between the bathroom wall tile and bathroom floor tile are as even as possible around the perimeter of the room. Continue this layout for the adjacent walls, and mark the walls at the top edge of the tiles at the final layout.

Step 2

Remove the tiles and then snap-chalk a level line on the wall at the marks you made. Then snap chalk all the marks on the remaining walls in the same way.

Mix up a batch of Thinset tile adhesive, And back-butter each  tile and set it in place. Be sure that the top of each tile is matched up with the chalk line.

Step 3

Press each tile into place and insert a spacer between each tile.

About every 3 feet use your 4-foot bubble level to make sure that the top edge of the tiles are level. If you need to adjust a tile, gently push or pull on the wedges underneath.

Remove any excess Thinset tile adhesive from between the tiles. Also, clean the tile surface and the corner tiles. Then let the Thinset tile adhesive cure overnight before grouting the tiles.

Step 4

Grout your new bathroom floor tile border by first removing the spacers and wedges from between the tiles. Then Mix up a batch of tile grout. You'll want to mix it to a peanut butter consistency,

Use a grout float to force the tile grout into the grout lines between the tiles. When the tile grout hazes, remove the excess grout from the joint from the floor and the top of the bullnose tiles with a damp sponge.

Sponge clean the surface and then wipe off the haze with a clean cloth. And allow the tile grout to cure.

Caulk the tile joint at the floor and along the top edge of the trim, Smooth the caulk with either a wet finger or a sponge.

Once your tile caulking has cured, seal the grout.  If your type of Floor tile designs needs sealing, seal the tiles and grout together.

Bullnose Tile Tips

*There are double bullnoses that contain two finished edges, one on top and another on the side. These tiles are made primarily to finish off outside corners smoothly

 * If bullnoses are not available for your particular floor tile designs, purchase extra tiles that are the same as the bathroom floor tiles you are using and Cut trim pieces from them.

* First determine the height for your baseboards that you desire and then cut enough tiles to run around the perimeter of the walls.

* You'll want to use the factory finished edge for the top of each of your trim tiles, so depending on the height of the cut you want, you may only be able to cut one trim tile from each floor tile. But  if you  happen not to like the factory finished edge simply grout the top of the tile.

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