Caulking Tile Joints Where Extra Flexability Is Needed

For some areas of a tiling job caulking tile is more suitable than tile grout. Whenever you have two sections of tile that meet, such as the two walls that make a corner, kitchen countertop tile and kitchen backsplash tiles, the joints between bathroom tile and the tub or between a wall and floor, these tile joints tend to expand with the change in temperatures, so for these areas you'll need more flexibility than tile grout is able to give.

You simply skip the tile grout when you reach the areas between your kitchen counter tile and kitchen backsplash tiles, corners, and the areas between wall and floor tile. Once you're done grouting all the other areas of your kitchen counter tile and kitchen backsplash tiles or your wall and floor tiles, and the tile grout has dried, It's time to fill those remaining joints with caulk.

There are silicone reinforced latex caulks available in a wide range of beautiful colors. Some are designed to perfectly match tile grout colors.
These silicone caulks are excellent for filling the joints between tub and tiles.

Step 1 To Caulking Tile - Cut The Top Of Caulk Tube

Cut off the top of the caulking tube nozzle with a utility knife. The closer you cut to the top of the nozzle the thinner your bead of caulk will be.

Some caulking tubes require you to break their seal before you can begin caulking. Sticking a long nail down the nozzle should do the trick.

Step 2 To Caulking Tile - Apply Your Caulk

Squeeze your caulk gun trigger until caulk starts to come out. Push down on the release button to stop the flow. Place the caulk gun's nozzle up against the area to be caulked, and squeeze the trigger again.

Move the nozzle along the joint as you continue squeezing the trigger. Once you have reached the end of the joint, Release the trigger, to prevent the caulk from continuing to flow out of the tube.

Step 3 Tool Your Joints

Dampen a rag with water, then place the rag over your finger and run it along your caulk line. press the caulk into the joint and smooth the surface. When your rag gets filled with caulk simply move your finger to a different area of the rag.

Caulking Tile Between Kitchen Counter Tile And Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Use a caulk that matches the color and consistency of the grout of your kitchen counter tile and kitchen backsplash tiles.Caulk the joint at the base of your kitchen backsplash tiles.

Apply the caulk into the joint at a consistent rate, and smooth the caulk with a wet finger.

Caulking The Joint Between Wall And Floor Tile

Start in a corner, and squeeze the trigger of the caulk gun gently. Apply the caulk to the joint between your wall and floor tile. Keep the caulk gun moving as you squeeze, so the caulk doesn't over run the joint. Using light pressure smooth the caulk with a wet finger.

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