Cement Tile And It's Unique Characteristics


Encaustic Cement Tile is the most durable, decorative, and stunningly handsome floor or wall tile available. And It is by all means a classic. It's an ancient form of mosaic floor tile that's available today in an exciting array of wall and floor tile patterns and colors that will coordinate with any style home decor!

Cement tiles offer beautiful lines of Mexican tiles that are perfect for adding either a touch of old world Mexico to your home, Or for finishing off an entire Southwestern Decor.

They are handcrafted using traditional artisan techniques. And these timeless rustic wall and floor tile designs can be purchased in the stunning colors and intricate tile patterns already available, or customized in your individual choice of colors and tile patterns.

 Encaustic Cement wall and floor tile designs also offer fabulous tile patterns. They can range anywhere from Victorian to Floral to Geometric tile patterns. And in just about any color you can imagine.

The possibilities are endless! You can create the wall and floor tile patterns of your dreams.

About Cement Tile

*Traditional Cement wall and floor tile designs are made up of a group of 4 tiles where each tile in a quadrant is rotated by 90 degrees to form one tile design unit. When you lay the units side by side, these four tile squares create exciting, beautiful tile patterns.

* The standard size of the tiles is 8" x 8".  However, there are other sizing options to meet whatever your needs may be.

* Cement  is an environmentally friendly product, The tiles are created by using basic earth components in the same method used for many centuries.

* The brilliant colors of the tiles are not just applied to the surface.  Instead, the natural pigments are added in the process while making the tiles, so the color runs through the entire body of the tiles.

* Cement tiles are handmade entirely from human elbow grease. And never have to be fired in a kiln,  And because no firing is required, the entire process of creating the tiles does not use any harsh chemicals that might affect the environment.

*These beautiful, colorful handmade tiles are each unique, so expect them to have slight imperfections.

Cement Kitchen Tile Designs

Cement Kitchen Tile Designs enhance the look of just about any style of kitchen decor from country to contemporary, and anything in between.

And if chosen correctly these kitchen tile designs will pull all the other elements of the kitchen decor together in perfect harmony.

Cement Bathroom Tile Designs

Add a bit of the excitement and zest to your bathroom floor. Cement bathroom tile designs radiate with a unique style of beauty that catches the eye of anyone that enters the room.

And Cement bathroom tile designs are not only perfect for greatly enhancing the look of residential bathrooms, But their supreme good looks and durability makes them more than suitable to be used for commercial applications.

 Encaustic Cement
Wall Tile Designs

Transform an otherwise drab boring wall into a fabulous by adding an exciting cement wall tile pattern.

It can add just the right amount of texture and style needed to finish off just about any style of room.

Encaustic Cement Floor Tile Designs

Encaustic Cement Floor tile designs allow you to create some fascinating and unique floor tile designs. The possibilities are endless! 

You can create floor tile designs anywhere from fabulous and energizing

To more subtle floor tile designs that are just plain beautiful and warm! And for most that enter your home and get a chance to view these cement tile beauties, They'll wonder how in the world did you do it!

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