There's Nothing Like The Fresh Clean Look Of Ceramic Bathroom Accessories For Finishing Off A Bathroom Wall Tile Installation.


There's nothing like the fresh, clean look of Ceramic bathroom accessories for finishing off a bathroom design. The many color options and designs available will easily allow you to coordinate the accessories with your bathroom shower tile and bathroom wall tile and create a chic holistic appeal. 

Ceramic bathroom accessories offer your choice of a glossy or matte finish, In a broad selection of stunning colors and designs ranging anywhere from floral to stripes to modern geometric. So you're sure to find the perfect bathroom accessories to help you finish off your bathroom in style! 

Soap dishes, toilet paper holders, and towel bars are not only useful for their functional aspects but also enhance the natural look of the bathroom. While shower niches and corner shelves offer convenience and a clean look of permanence to your bathroom shower.

Ceramic bathroom accessories make for the icing on the cake for your overall bathroom design.They Offer an attractive way to showcase your personality and warm up a bathroom.

Ceramic bathroom accessories such as soap dishes, toilet tissue holders, towel holders and shower niches and corner shelves, can easily be incorporated into your bathroom shower tile and bathroom wall tile.

Some can  be added by screwing them in, While  others can be installed right onto the tile underlayment, even if the bathroom wall tile is already installed.

There are also a lot of ceramic bathroom accessories that are useful on or near the bathroom countertop.

Matching accessories like a soap dish or dispenser, a toothbrush holder, and a towel tree or bar for a hand towel and a face cloth will come in handy.

These accessories create a warm, orderly, hospitable feeling for your family and guests to enjoy.

Tips For Installing Ceramic Bathroom Accessories

 * Be sure to secure all pieces installed to the cement backerboard tile underlayment in place with masking tape for at least 24 hours, to allow the thinset tile adhesive to set. 

* Caulking is a crucial step for installing Ceramic bathroom accessories, as it blocks the water from getting behind the pieces.

* Even though your units will need caulking, do not caulk the perimeter too soon! Caulking too early will seal out the air and prevent the adhesive from curing correctly.  It's best to wait for at least 24 hours after the installation, then apply the caulk. 

* If you haven't stashed away extra pieces of your  bathroom shower tile or wall tile, Save a sample from the tiles you'll be removing. This way if you need to fill in any gaps around your ceramic bathroom accessories, you can match them up when you purchase the additional tiles. 

* If you only need to remove half a tile to install your bathroom accessory, Just remove the entire tile.  And after installing your unit cut a new half tile and install it as needed.

* If this is a new wall tile installation while installing your bathroom wall tile or bathroom shower tile, simply leave the area free of tile where you'll be installing your soap dish or shower niche,

* If your bathroom tile is already installed, you'll need to remove the tile from the areas where you'll be placing the soap dish or shower niche.

* To make the job of installing bathroom accessories go smoother it always helps to plan ahead and prepare your family for the temporary discomfort.

Screw-In And Clip On Ceramic Bathroom Accessories

Clip on Mount Ceramic bathroom accessories is ideal for installing into drywall or wood.  But guess what? It can be used on tile too.  You will just need to drill into the Ceramic wall tile with a ceramic tile drill bit. And be sure to insert the plastic anchors to protect your bathroom wall tile from breaking. 

When installing a towel bar, Each towel bar set comes with two mounting clips, plastic anchors, and screws. Toilet paper holders or soap dishes would have one mounting clip and anchor.

First, you would screw the mounting clips into the wall. Then slide the Ceramic posts down over them. The mounting clip is tapered, so the posts wedge themselves onto it.

You then hold the bar between the posts while you slide the second post down on the clip.  

Make sure your clips are even, or your towel bar will be crooked. To make for a more permanent installation you can apply glue to the clips, but they will no longer be as easy to remove.

Attaching Ceramic Bathroom Accessories To The Tile Underlayment

This method allows your Ceramic bathroom accessories to attach to the same sheetrock or cement backerboard wall surface that the other bathroom shower tile or wall tile is attaching to.  

You Will Need

*A Drill with a carbide tip

* Cooling oil 

* A Chisel and Hammer

* A Margin trowel

* Thinset Tile adhesive

* Masking Tape

Step 1 Determine The Location

If you're incorporating a ceramic shower niche, a soap dish or ceramic corner shelves  into your bathroom shower tile. Hold the unit up against the wall, And determine where you want to install it permanently. 

Step 2- Drill  Holes Into The Tiles That Need Removing 

Place masking tape over the tiles that will need to be removed. You're doing this to prevent the drill bit bite from slipping on the glaze finish on the tiles.

The drill bit can become hot when drilling into the tiles, so first dip the end of the drill bit into a cooling oil.  

Then place the bit against the tape on the tile and make four or five holes into a tile. Drill the holes, so they create the shape of an X. 

Be careful only to drill through the tile and not the tile underlayment underneath. If the drill begins to smoke or turn red, the bit needs to be dipped into the cooling oil again.

Then continue drilling the X into the remaining tiles that will need to be removed.

Step 3- Break Up The Tile And Remove

Remove the masking tape from the bathroom shower tiles, and position your chisel at a 45-degree angle on one of the holes.

Use your hammer to hit the chisel so you break the tile into pieces. Then remove from the area all the tile pieces along with any old adhesive or debris.

Step 4- Install Your Ceramic Bathroom Accessories

If you're not using the ready mixed kind, Mix up a small batch of Thinset.

Use your trowel to apply a layer of thinset tile adhesive to the back of the accessory unit you'll be installing and bed it in a minimum of 1/8" thinset to the backer board tile underlayment.

Then press it into the opening between the shower wall tile that you've prepared for it

Then use masking tape to securely hold your accessory unit in place while the thinset cures for 24 hours.


Step 5- Fill in The Gaps

Depending on your type of bathroom wall tile or shower tile use either a  wet saw or snap cutter to cut the tiles you'll need to fill any gaps around the accessory with the matching wall tiles.  Remember to leave the needed space for matching your grout joints. 

Back butter the bathroom wall tiles with thinset tile adhesive and  Bed the tiles in a minimum of 1/8" thinset applied to the backer board tile underlayment. Then press the tiles  into place.

Grout the newly added wall tiles only. And allow the bathroom accessory and the tiles cure for 24 hours.

After the curing time is up, Squeeze a line of caulk around the perimeter of the accessory unit.  And allow the caulk to dry for 24 hours. 

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