Ceramic Tile Repair For Removing Tough Stains From Tiles.

Ceramic tile repair can happen with a simple cleaning of your tiles,

but sometimes you might run into stubborn stains where cleaning tiles alone just won't do.

You could choose to remove and replace your ceramic wall tile or ceramic floor tiles, but it's best to save the chore of replacing tile for cracked damaged tiles, because when you replace a tile you will also have to do the job of removing old grout and then replacing it with new grout. For removing stubborn stains on your ceramic wall tile or ceramic floor tiles try this simple method first.

Say for instance your ceramic floor tiles or ceramic wall tile get's stained. The first thing to do is check with a tile supplier for a cleaner designed to remove stains from your particular type of tile, because different types of ceramic wall or floor tiles or any other type of tile surface requires different products. If this product doesn't get rid of the stain on your tiles, try a poultice.

Poultice is another tile specific product that's available for removing stains from most types of tiles. It's a powder that you mix with water to create a paste. You spread the paste over the stain on your tile surface.

Next you cover the poultice with plastic kitchen wrap secured to the surrounding tile surface with masking tape. to prevent the poultice from drying out. The poultice paste literally sucks the stain out of your tile.

Always Let The poultice sit on the tile overnight and then remove the plastic. Wash away the poultice with a tiling sponge and soap and water. Repeat this process as necessary, until the stain completely gone.

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