This Ceramic Tile Repair Is All About Removing Tough Stains From Ceramic Tile Designs!

A Ceramic tile repair doesn't have to be about replacing a cracked tile. It can be as simple a thing as sprucing up the tiles by cleaning them or applying a new coat of tile sealant.

But sometimes cleaning the tiles may turn into more than you bargained for.  You may run into stubborn stains where cleaning the tiles alone just won't do. So what do you do?

Well, you could choose to remove and replace the stained ceramic wall tile, Ceramic Countertop tile or ceramic floor tiles. But it's best to avoid the chore of replacing ceramic tile and save it for cracked or damaged tiles beyond repair, because if you replace the tile, you'll also wind up removing and replacing the grout.  

A Ceramic Tile Repair For Removing Stubborn Stains

For removing stubborn stains from Ceramic tile designs try these simple methods first.

If  Ceramic floor tiles, Ceramic wall tile or Ceramic tile countertops get stained. The first thing to do is check with a tile supplier for a cleaner designed to remove stains from Unglazed Ceramic tile. No worry for Glazed Ceramic tiles because they don't stain. 

Use a Poultice

If the recommended product doesn't get rid of the stain on your tiles, Your next step is to try a poultice.

It's another good tile specific product that you can find at any good tile supplier.  A Poultice is a powder that you mix with water to create a paste. You spread the paste over the stain and then cover the Poultice you applied to the stain with kitchen plastic wrap, And secure the plastic to the surrounding tile surface with masking tape. You are using the plastic wrap and tape to prevent the Poultice mixture from drying out.

The poultice paste literally sucks the stain out of the tile!

Allow the paste to work overnight then remove the plastic and wash away the poultice with a tiling sponge and soap and water. If necessary repeat the process until the stain is completely gone.

If you find that your Stone or Unglazed Ceramic Tiles are beginning to look drab and dull, and staining occurs too often, In most cases, the problem may simply be they need a new dose of tile sealant. Sealing the tiles will bring the tile surface back to life and protect it from staining.

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