Properly Cleaning Tile Floors Prolongs The Life Of Your Kitchen  And Bathroom Flooring 


Cleaning Tile Floors Is one of the key Ingredients to a beautiful kitchen or bathroom flooring that will last for many years to come. 

No matter what the Floor tile design  Rather it is Ceramic floor tiles, Laminate tile flooring or Natural stone flooring , These Tiles work hard to serve you and your family day after day and throughout the years.

A day's work for your kitchen floor tile and bathroom floor tile may include, heavy floor traffic, wet feet, and even some wearing shoes or even boots tracking in salt from the melting snow. They also endure accidental spills from anywhere from hot coffee, greasy foods to sticky sweets and acidy juices. 

Some kitchen floor tiles and bathroom floor tiles like Unglazed Ceramic floor tiles and most Natural Stone flooring require a tile sealer. Tile sealer creates a protective barrier that prevents spilled liquids from instantly soaking into these otherwise porous tile surfaces.  And it does the same for the porous tile grout.

But if the liquid is left sitting for even a short amount of time, by no means does tile sealer completely prevent the liquid from making its way through to the tile, 

So the quicker you wipe up the spill, and clean the tiles, the better the chance of preventing a stain.

Even if you're using a resilient floor tile like Vinyl floor tile, Cork, or Laminate tile flooring as your kitchen floor tiles or bathroom floor tiles, These tiles will require routine vacuuming and cleaning to keep up their durability and good looks. 

Tracked in grit can permanently scratch these tile surfaces, And even More-so when it's trampled on by feet or dragged on by sliding chair legs.

About Cleaning Tile Floors

* Avoid using multi-surface cleaners for cleaning tile floors. These cleaners may contain waxes, oils, and acids, and these ingredients are sure to discolor or disintegrate your tile grout.

The tile grout lines are also a big part of the floor tile installation, and tile grout is very porous, so it's most prone to breaking, staining and eroding. And this is why You should always seal your tile grout, even if your tiles don't require sealing.

* Never clean your kitchen floor tile or bathroom floor tile with cleaners specially made for tiles other than the kitchen or bathroom flooring you have, Such as using a cleaning solution designed for Laminate tile flooring to clean your Natural Stone flooring. Better to use a cleaner that's designed specifically for your type of tiles.

* Unglazed Ceramic Tile and Natural Stone flooring have very porous surfaces. And without tile sealer, these tiles would soak up stains and dirt as soon as the spill occurs. But this does not mean your tiles can now stand up to the harsh chemicals found in heavy duty cleaners,

* Cleaning floor tiles of Natural Stone flooring and Unglazed Ceramic tiles should be done with the gentlest of cleaners specifically designed for them. Because while you're cleaning the tiles, all those harsh chemicals involved with those heavy duty cleaners, It will be sitting on your beautiful tiles, and making its way through the tile sealer and right into your tiles.

Cleaning Tile Floors Of Glazed Ceramic Floor Tiles

To clean glazed ceramic floor tiles simply use a mild dishwashing soap and warm water. This plain soap and water solution will not only clean your Glazed Ceramic Floor tiles but will also leave them with a gleaming shine. And if you need something a little stronger use undiluted white vinegar instead. 

For cleaning Glazed Ceramic bathroom shower tile, you'll need a product that is specifically labeled for bathroom shower tile or bathroom tile. And purchase your bathroom cleaners from a tile or home supply store. These stores carry more quality tile specific products than those you'll find in a grocery store.

 Unglazed Ceramic Floor Tile And Natural Stone Flooring

For cleaning tile floors of Unglazed Ceramic tile or Natural Stone flooring, Only the gentlest of tile cleaners will do. So it's best to ask your tile supplier for the best cleaning product to use on your specific type of Stone or Unglazed Ceramic tile.

Keep in mind that there are a variety of cleaning products to use on different stone surfaces, And they're broken down into each individual floor tile design, such as one limestone floor tiles and another for granite floor tile.

And you'll need to keep your cleaner handy because it doesn't matter how vigilant you are on keeping your  Natural Stone or Unglazed Ceramic Tile and grout sealed, you still need to quickly wipe up and clean any spills that hit the surface, And especially when those spills are acidic!

Such foods as juice, wine, coffee, soda and even salad dressing can etch the surface of some tiles, even if they are sealed.

Cleaning Tile Floors Of Vinyl floor tiles, Cork, and Laminate floor tiles

When choosing a tile cleaner for Laminate floor tiles, Cork or Vinyl floor tiles, use the product formulated specifically for each type of tile. And when cleaning these sort of floor tile designs always use a damp mop rather than one that's soaked.

When you apply too much moisture on the surface of Laminate tile flooring, Cork floor tile or Vinyl floor tile, it can shorten the life of the adhesive underneath, And in the case of Laminate floor tiles, The fiberboard backing can become damaged as well.

Just as important as mopping, Vinyl floor tiles, Cork, and Laminate floor tiles require routine vacuuming because tracked in grit can permanently scratch the tile surface, And even More-so when it's trampled on by feet or dragged on by sliding chair legs.

Use a canister vacuum without a beater brush to pick up the dirt. You can also put down welcome mats and entryway carpets to help prevent dirt from being tracked into the house. 

 Cleaning Tile Floors Of Parquet Floor Tiles

Purchase the recommended cleaning solution designed especially for parquet floor tiles. Some Parquet products require waxing while others do not. And you may want to also buy the recommended cleaning solution for routine cleaning of parquet floor tiles as well.  

Be sure to use a damp mop rather than a wet one. When it comes to Parquet floor tiles, water can seep between the tiles, and damage the adhesive as well as the wood fibers.

Parquet floor tiles also require routine vacuuming with a canister vacuum without the beater brush, Because just as with Cork, Vinyl and Laminate tile flooring tracked in grit can permanently scratch the surface. 

Cleaning Carpet tiles

The best way to keep carpet tiles clean is routine vacuuming with a beater brush. But just like any other floor tile your carpet tiles may eventually become so soiled, that they need a deep cleaning,

Depending on your carpet tiles, You would deep clean them with either the steam or dry cleaning method. Choose a cleaning solution that leaves a protective barrier, or you can also spray your Carper tiles with a Scotch-guard Protector to make your tiles more resistant to staining. 

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