The Natural Beauty And Comfort Of Cork Floor Tile


Cork floor tile is environmentally friendly as it is beautiful. And it's available in a range of warm, rich hues from light tan to dark walnut. Cork tile also offers a line of bright, eye-catching colors including reds, blues, greens and even yellow.

And the unique surface patterns of the tiles are part wood and part bulletin board and part tiger stripe.
While some Cork Tiles are made of a combination of cork and colorful rubber making for an even tougher Cork tiles that's durable enough to use as a kitchen floor tile, bathroom floor tiles or even as a commercial flooring

About Cork Floor Tile

* Cork tiles are filled with millions of tiny air pockets making them soft underfoot. 

* Cork tiles are perfect for people with allergies because It is antimicrobial, So Cork tiles do not absorb dust or pollen. And Cork is also a lot less likely to be affected by mold and mildew, 

* They also provide an excellent sound barrier to make the home a bit more peaceful. And they offer significant insulation during the cold months.

* Cork tile is also remarkably durable and water resistant.

* They typically come with a factory applied protective tile sealer that increases the durability of the tiles. Though some Cork floor tiles will require an annual waxing to ward off stains,

*Cork tiles have an anti-static surface, a very long life, They're easy to clean, And if damaged they can be easily repaired.

* Some floor tile installations for cork tiles use interlocking floor tiles where the floor tile installation is similar to installing Laminate interlocking floor tiles. While Others call for the cork tiles to be glued down to the floor.

Cork Tiles

Cork flooring for children's rooms

Because of Cork tiles durability, antimicrobial, sound reducing and comfort attributes, they are an excellent choice for Children's rooms and play areas.

They make for a clean, safe, warm and comfortable environment for children to learn and play.

Cork Kitchen Floor Tile

Cork tiles make for a stunning bathroom or kitchen floor tile.
They're both durable and water resistant, and they're also easy to clean. Cork kitchen floor tile makes the time you spend preparing meals in the kitchen a lot more enjoyable.

Because Cork kitchen floor tile is not only clean and beautiful, but they're also very soft and comfortable underfoot, which is a big plus for those who spend a lot of time standing or walking.

Cork Bathroom Floor Tiles

And when used as bathroom floor tiles there's no more standing barefoot on cold hard floors.

Cork bathroom floor tiles not only resist mold and mildew but with its insulation attributes it makes for a warm, comfortable bathroom flooring.

Cork Flooring For Entryways And Hallways

Cork floor tiles are an excellent choice for hallways and entryways. It allows for family and guest entering your home to walk into comfort, And this can be something to look forward to after a stressful day of work or school.

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