When it comes To Natural Stone Countertops For A Kitchen Or Bathroom countertop, There"s No Need To Look Any Further Than Natural Stone Look Porcelain Countertop Tile! 


Porcelain countertop tile makes for perfect Bathroom and kitchen countertops. They offer you all the beauty and warmth of natural stone countertops with the durability and low maintenance of porcelain tiles.

There are Porcelain tile designs available that convincingly mimic the look and feel of Marble, Slate, Travertine, Granite and other natural stone tiles.

Real natural stone tiles may be a bit out of your price range, or you just might not be willing or able to put in the extra time it takes to maintain them.

But Porcelain tile offers you tiles that mimic the look of these stone beauties so good that your friends and guest will never even know they'r not seeing or touching the real thing.

And Porcelain natural stone look tiles will cost you a fraction of what you'd pay for natural stone tile.

The Benefits Of A Stone Look Porcelain Kitchen And Bathroom Countertop

*Porcelain countertops are highly durable and water-resistant. They are a very practical option for those with a very busy lifestyle and desire the beauty and warmth that natural stone countertops bring, And without the extra maintenance that's required to keep them durable and looking good. 

* These beautiful natural stone look-alikes offer, even more in the way of tile colors and patterns, So you’re sure to find several that will work well with your existing kitchen or bathroom décor. 

* Porcelain stone look tile can have a smooth finish that creats a sleek honed natural tile appearance or roughened to mimic the Tumbled or cleft finish of the more rustic natural stone designs. 

* Porcelain tiles are available in Large 24 by 24 inch tiles Making for a quicker countertop tile installation and fewer grout lines to be concerned about. And if you butt the tiles together and choose a grout that matches the tiles, you'll create the look of a natural stone slab. 

* The durability of Porcelain kitchen and bathroom countertops is outstanding. They are highly resistant to not only water but also chipping and scratches, And they also have a very long life expectancy. 

* The price for these natural stone look porcelain countertops are higher than other ceramic tile countertops, but at the same time they're much less expensive than natural stone countertops. 

* Unlike natural stone countertops that need to be resealed every few years, A Porcelain countertop never needs to be sealed. And the cleanup is a breeze! A damp cloth containing a little dish-washing soap is all that's required for a clean hygienic surface.

* Porcelain tile is heat resistant and can also withstand freezing temperatures: Which is a big plus for kitchen counter tops. There's no worry about the presence of hot pots and pans, or icy cold drinks.  And Porcelain tile won’t burn, or emit harmful substances when subjected to heat.

Porcelain Countertop Tile That Creates The Look Of
Slate Countertops

The intriguing colors and the rigid cleft surface of some natural stone Slate countertops are captured in it's Porcelain look alike.  Slate look Porcelain tiles are a near perfect recreation of natural slate. And they're also available in breathtaking Mosaic tile patterns. The beauty of Porcelain Slate countertops will  complement just about any kitchen or bathroom decor.

These look alike Slate tiles are so much like the real thing until just as with slate natural stone tiles, each tile has a different color variation. So before installing these beautiful tiles, you'll need to arrange your pattern from the different cartons to get the pattern that you desire. 

But unlike natural stone slate countertops you don't have the worry of liquid sitting too long and causing the surface to darken. Porcelain Slate countertops are easy to maintain, and their low moisture absorbency allows water to sit on the tiles without immediate cleanup, because porcelain countertop tiles resist stains.

 Porcelain Countertop Tile That Creates The Look Of
Marble Countertops

Modern technology has captured the beauty of the glass like elegance of Natural Stone countertops of Polished Marble tile and the stunningly beautiful rustic appeal of Tumbled Marble tile. They have transformed the look and feel into Polished or Matte Porcelain tiles.

Both Polished and Tumbled Marble look Porcelain tiles make for stunning; eye-catching Marble countertops. 

When you tile your countertop with Porcelain polished Marble countertop tiles, it can transform your kitchen or bathroom countertop into a field of glass that reflects the light of the room and brightens up the entire space.

Tiling Countertops with Porcelain Tumbled marble tile designs brings the stunningly handsome character of a rustic appeal that can warm up any kitchen or bathroom. 

Porcelain Countertop Tile That Creates The Look Of A
Granite Tile Countertops

Granite tile countertops make for a very stylish bathroom or kitchen countertop, It brings a rich, mystical type of drama to a room with its breathtaking crystalline character.

It's astonishing how a natural stone tile so beautiful, can also be so robust and durable! But Granite look Porcelain designs not only mimic the beauty of Granite tile countertops, But are also even more stronger and durable. Porcelain tile is a whopping 30% stronger than granite tile!

The stength and durability of Porcelain tile has everything to do with the firing process. Porcelain tiles are fired at more than 1000 degrees Fahrenheit,

It doesn't matter if your choice is a polished or honed Granite look Porcelain countertop, They both make for an extremely lovely kitchen or bathroom countertop.

Porcelain Countertop Tile That Creates The Look Of
Travertine Countertops

Natural Stone Travertine countertops are a stunning addition to both a kitchen or bathroom. It brings a warm, comfortable appeal to any surface it's laid on. And It offers warm neutral tones that will compliment a broad range of bathroom or kitchen decor styles. 

Travertine comes in warm colors ranging from the lightest of white to cream or beige. It also offers beautiful Autumn colors of gold, brown, and even red along with unique porous veins that enhance the beauty of the tile even more.

Porcelain Travertine countertops offer all this beauty in a very durable tile. And the Porcelain Travertine tiles offer you the choice of a polished or matte finish, 

Unlike natural stone Travertine which is extremely porous, The Porcelain design has a very high resistance to water and stains.

The Matte Porcelain Travertine design has a satin-smooth surface with little light reflection. It enhances the look of the other elements in the room and allows them to stand out. 

The Polished  Porcelain Travertine design has a high gloss surface; It takes center stage in the design of the kitchen or bathroom, And reflects the light and accentuates the color and the markings of the tiles.

Of course, The beauty and warmth of Natural Stone countertops can never be denied or replaced, But tile technology has created Porcelain tile kitchen and bathroom countertops that are about the closest you can get to capturing a snapshot of the real thing. And they're made of porcelain.  And this makes them highly durable, water resistant, able to endure very hot and cold temperatures, long lasting and very easy to clean. And you get all this without ever having to seal the tiles. 

What else could we ask for in obtaining the look and feel of natural stone countertops

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