Decorative Ceramic Tile Adds A Touch Of Your Unique Personality To Your Kitchen Backsplash Tiles, Bathroom Wall Tile And Even Bathroom Floor Tile.


Decorative ceramic tile can be anything beyond the basic wall or floor tile design. They can be brightly colored, painted with an image or pattern, embossed or textured. They may even be encaustic tiles, in an array of decorative tile patterns.

There's also stunning decorative tile patterns available that derived from other countries like Mexican tiles, Moroccan tiles, or Italian or even African tiles. And the list goes on and on.

Use decorative tiles to create striking focal points or use them as accents to dress up a field of simpler tiles. Either way, you'll create something special.

 All tiles add personality and character to walls and floors, but nothing quite compares to decorative tile.
These tiles can transform an ordinary kitchen backsplash tiles, bathroom wall tile or bathroom floor tile into a work of art.

And If you want to get personal with your decorative tiles, You can create your own Ceramic Decorative wall or floor tile designs, Or you can have them custom designed and painted for you.

About Decorative Ceramic Tiles

 * Because of the recessed or raised  patterns of Relief decorative tiles, you'll need to keep maintenance in mind. Because These tiles textures make them harder to clean. So Relief Decorative Ceramic tiles are a much better choice for embellishing wall tile designs than they would for ornamenting a floor tile design.

*Although most Decorative Tile Murals have much fewer tiles, there are some available with as many as 50 or more mural tiles.
 Should you decide to use decorative tile murals with this amount of tiles, Plan ahead  and ensure that you set the time aside to assemble these elaborate breathtaking tile designs.

*  Listello tiles are often associated with decorating walls, But can also be used to add unique decorative touches to a floor tile installation.

Relief Decorative Tile

 Relief decorative tiles are excellent for sprucing up  kitchen backsplash tiles. And you'd be amazed at all the striking tile patterns, colors and tile textures that are available to choose from,

There are  high relief decorative ceramic tiles that have impressive prominent features and are hand painted underneath, allowing the designs to be strongly projected from the background, And giving them somewhat of three-dimensional appeal.
 Relief decorative ceramic tiles make for  fabulous decorative kitchen backsplash tiles; They can also add vibrancy and warmth to a bathroom wall tile.

Relief decorative tiles come in breathtaking designs of medallions, Animals. Florals, Fruits, leaves, colorful Mexican and Moroccan designs and much more.

Decorative Tile Murals

Decorative Tile Murals are creatively designed out of  Stone or Ceramic tile designs. Each of the mural tiles of these decorative tile murals displays a section of a specially designed scene or design.

These luxurious wall and floor tile designs make for a breathtaking addition when surrounded by contrasting kitchen backsplash tiles or even when displayed on the wall over the cooktop.

Decorative Floor Mural

They also make for beautiful, eye-catching floor tile designs when integrated into your other bathroom floor tile designs.

Listellos Tiles

Listellos are decorative border tiles. They work very well for framing decorative murals,  a field of tiles and much more.

Listello wall tile designs are perfect for chair rails; You can also use them to separate different wall tile designs into decorative sections.

Listello tiles come in very attractive materials such as glass, natural stone, Ceramic, Porcelain and even Metal.

They come in 10" strips. In a multitude of colors, tile textures and tile patterns, And they're very easy to install.

You can integrate them into your bathroom wall tile or bathroom floor tile, Or even both and create  professional looking bands of color and texture to your wall or floor tile installation.

And they're especially useful for giving that well-needed break to a wall tile installation that stretches from the floor to ceiling.

Antique Tiles

You can find antique tiles at flea markets, antique stores, and auctions. They bring a stylish aged charm to both your wall and floor tile design.

You probably could never find enough of these tiles for an entire wall or floor tile installation, but if you're fortunate to acquire a few, Make those few antique tiles go a long way!
You can also purchase decorative tiles with the look and quality of an antique tile.

These rare antique tiles make for fabulous, luxurious accent tiles that will liven up your kitchen backsplash tiles or your bathroom wall tile.
 It's best to purchase your antique tiles first; Then you can choose a wall tile design that complements the style of your antique tiles and create beautiful kitchen backsplash tiles or bathroom wall tile designs.

Glass Or River Rock Decorative Tile

Glass Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Glass tile nor River Rock Tiles are decorative ceramic tile, but when it comes to decorative tiles, You simply cannot leave them out.
Glass tile adds a gleaming sparkle that no other tile can compare

River Rock Tile

River Rock Tile allows you to bring a touch of nature into your decorating scheme.

Glass tile and River Rock Tile Both add their own individual and unique design to Kitchen backsplash tiles, bathroom wall tile, bathroom shower tile as well as bathroom floor tile

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