Edging Tiles Do An Excellent Job Of Finishing Off The Edges Of Your Kitchen And Bathroom Wall Tile! 


Edging Tiles do the job of finishing off the unfinished edges of your kitchen and bathroom wall tile. They leave an attractive, neat finished off appearance to both a wall or floor tile installation.

You won't need edging tiles if your bathroom wall tile reaches from the floor to all the way up to the ceiling. You also don't need to use them on the sides of your kitchen or bathroom wall tile butts up against a wall. If not, you'll inevitably need to use them to finish off the unfinished edges of your Stone or Ceramic wall tile. 

Bullnose tile is the easiest of all tiles to use for finishing off a wall tile installation. They can also be an excellent choice for use as an elegant countertop edging or even a stylish border for a floor tile installation. 

 You also have the choice of selecting different standard styles of edging tiles like Quarter rounds, Chair rails or even metal edging to finish off your bathroom wall tile installation.

These Tiles can come in many beautiful and stylish materials such as Glazed or Unglazed Ceramic, Porcelain, stone, glass, or even Metal. So you're sure to find one to match whatever bathroom decor you may have.

Bull-nose Tiles

Bullnose tile has a bullnose edge where just one side is rounded and has a finished face. They provide a finished edge for wherever a field of tiles ends.

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Standard wall or floor tile designs have unfinished edges, So if you're bathroom wall tile doesn't butt up against the wall or ceiling the end tiles will look unfinished.  Bullnose tiles are an excellent choice for tidying up these unfinished edges to kitchen or bathroom wall tiles, floor tiles or even kitchen countertop tile.

A lot of the lines of Ceramic tile designs include bullnose tile options to match the wall or floor tile designs, But you can create your own attractive arrangement using a different color or type of material from another tile line that coordinates beautifully with whatever tile designs you've chosen. 

Find out here how you can use bullnose tile to create an attractive border for your floor tiles.

Bullnose Corner Tiles

A bull-nose corner tile turns outside corners with ease. There are corner pieces available for both outer and inner corners for both a Stone or Ceramic wall tile installation. They also work well for finishing up the edges on fireplaces or any other tiled surface

Quarter Round And Chair Rails

Quarter round and Chair rails work much in the same way with the only real difference being in their shapes. A quarter round is a round tile; that looks somewhat like a rounded tube. But even though it's rounded, the side that you install to the wall is flat, making it easier to install. 

Chair Rails are decorative tiles that mimic the shape of chair rails. Both come in an array of impressive designs ranging anywhere from a cornice to a rope design and more.

You can install both Quarter rounds, and Chair rails along the top of your wall tile installation to create an attractive, stylish border, Or install them as a beautiful decorative tile trim in between the tiles of  your wall tile installation.

Metal Edging Tiles

 Metal border tiles have one flat edge that fits underneath the top row of Kitchen or bathroom wall tile, While the other bends over the top covering the unfinished section of the wall tile installation. Or you can  create something special by working them right into your  wall tiles. They provide a beautiful finished look especially for a bathroom with a contemporary design. But Metal edging tiles come in a variety of sizes and finishes to compliment just about any style bathroom decor.

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