A floor tile installation sometimes requires more than just laying the tiles.


A floor tile installation sometimes requires more than just laying the tiles. Depending on the condition of your existing floor you may need to prepare it first.

To get the best out of your floor tiles, they'll require a smooth even surface.
And the results you'll get are well worth the time and energy you put into them,

In the long run, you'll save yourself from  problems during the tiling process, the hassle of cracking tiles and an improper looking tile installation.

Just click on the pictures below, for step by step instructions on removing ceramic tile, choosing your tile underlayment, how to use a self leveling compound, working out your floor patterns, dry laying your tiles and removing and reinstalling your bathroom fixtures.

Removing Ceramic Tile And Other Stone Tile flooring

Removing Ceramic Tile

When Tiling a floor The best practice is in removing Ceramic tile or any other old stone tile flooring, It allows you to address any unseen issues, such as rotted boards around a sink or bathtub, and aging tiles underneath can create future problems for your new floor tiles.

It's Best to Remove Baseboards

And Thresholds Before Laying Tile

  Removing the baseboards before laying floor tile may seem like an extra chore that you can avoid, but in the long run, once their out of your way you'll be glad you did

Installing  A Wood Threshold, Aluminum Threshold And Marble Thresholds

An Aluminum, Marble or Wood threshold makes for an attractive transition between two different types of flooring. They're ideal to install in doorways where the flooring may change from maybe your bathroom floor tiles to wood flooring or even your kitchen floor tile to carpeting. 

Repair Your Concrete Subfloor Before Your New Floor Tile Installation

 Water is the worst enemy of a concrete subfloor, and especially a concrete subfloor that is below grade.

These floors are very vulnerable so you should never install floor tiles of any kind to a concrete tile underlayment until you fix  any cracks, even out the high spots or repair any other problems you may find.

How to Install Tile Over Tile

Installing tile over tile can work quite well if you prepare your existing floor tile to work as substrate.

Preparing Your Tile Underlayment

If your existing subfloor is solid, It may be possible for you to tile directly over it, But in some cases it may not be strong enough.

Using Self Leveling floor Compound

Before you begin working with your floor tile pattern, check to see that the subfloor is level. You can tile over a slightly slanted floor, but if it has numerous hills and valleys, or if it is steeply sloped, thinset alone won't do.

Drawing Reference Lines Before Laying Tile

You can make a drawing of the floor you will be tiling, in order to plan out your floor tile pattern, but unless you are planning a very complex pattern of different floor tile patterns, colors and shapes, a drawing is not necessary. You will get better results, by planning out your floor tile patterns on a real floor.

Dry Laying Tile

Now that you have your layout lines for your floor tile pattern, you can start dry laying the tiles. You will get the most accurate plan for your floor tile installation, by placing your tiles and spacers into position, and marking your locations.

Removing Bathroom Fixtures Before Tiling A Bathroom

When tiling a bathroom,  it's always best to remove the bathroom fixtures out of your way.  If you take the time to remove them, your tile installation will have a much more professional look.

Replacing Bathroom Fixtures After Your Professional Looking Floor Tile Installation!

Reinstalling your bathroom fixtures should be even easier than because now you have a better idea of how it works. Now that your done with your beautiful, professional looking bathroom tile installation, it's time for reinstalling the fixtures.

The Floor Tile Installation For Cork Tiles Is Very Simple, The First Step is To Get The Tile Underlayment Squared Away!

You can install cork floor tiles over just about any other flooring, but to ensure a professional looking floor tile installation, it's always best to remove the old flooring and prepare your plywood or concrete tile underlayment.

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