Nothing Beats The Beauty, Versatility And Durability Of Glass Wall Tile And Glass Flooring!


Glass wall tile and Glass flooring tiles are one of the most unique and stylish tiles on the market today.

The use of Glass wall tile dates back to thousands of years back. Today thanks to modern technology glass tile is back on the scene in more beautiful gleaming wall and floor tile designs than ever before.
And because of this glass wall tile is becoming increasingly popular for use in well-decorated homes as well as in commercial establishments all over the world.

Glass tile is nonporous, so it resists moisture and stains, And this makes it very easy to clean.

They come in a wide selection of colors and patterns that will complement any area of the home. There are even glass tiles available that are easily tough enough to use as floor tiles or even outdoor use.

The sky is the limit for the different options that glass wall tiles and glass flooring offer.  

Glass tiles are available in brilliantly-colored transparent glass tiles which have a bit more shine than the other glass tile options. There's also the luxurious frosted glass tile that has the look of opaque creating a little more of a cloudy appearance than the clear glass tile.

Then there's the beautifully textured Bubble glass tile which is a glass wall tile that is manufactured with small air bubbles in the glass, resulting in a very attractive glass tile texture. Last but not least is Crystal glass tile which mimics the look of cut crystal. It has a more prestigious, and elegant appeal and traditionally used as a decorative or accent tile.

Glass tile also comes in Mosaic Glass tile sheets. And they can consist of any one or a mixture of glass tile designs, colors, and patterns.
They are composed of small glass tiles being glued to a sheet backing, making for a much easier glass tile installation. And beautiful glass wall tile and glass tile flooring's where the wall or floor tile patterns are already designed for you.

Glass tiles can receive their brilliant colors by the pigments being mixed into the molten glass. This allows the color to be entirely permeated into the body of the tile. The color can also be from the beautiful greens and blues of the colors of the recycled bottles used to create some glass tiles. While other glass tile coloring can come from a Mylar backing found on the backs of the tiles.  It doesn't matter which way the tiles receive their color, The color of glass tiles will remain brilliant and unaffected by moisture or any other natural elements.

You can use the beauty of Glass tile just about anywhere you can think of, Just as glass tile is unique so can be the places to use them.

About Glass Wall Tile And Glass Flooring

* for A glass tile installation  it's crucial that the tile underlayment to be level dry and free of any debris as the slightest residue may affect the bond between the surface and the tiles.

*You can install glass tile to just about any smooth even surface, But for areas that will be exposed to water like a tub surround or shower you will always need a Cement backerboard tile underlayment.

*After a glass tile installation that includes installing bathroom shower tile it's recommended that you allow the tile adhesive and grout about twenty days to fully cure before running the water over them.

* Glass tile should be cut with a snap cutter.

*  If you use transparent glass tiles your Thinset tile adhesive will be visible through the tile, so it's vital that you lay an even bed of Thinset and avoid air pockets. You should also consider using white tile mastic when installing transparent glass wall tile and white latex reinforced Thinset tile adhesive or Epoxy Mortar for glass flooring. An Epoxy grout may be needed as well.

* Many glass tile companies recycle waste glass into new glass tile. So not only do you get one of the most attractive and stylish tile designs available, but you'll also be contributing to a better environment by limiting the amount of old glass in the landfills as well.

* Glass tile is frost proof, heat and fire resistant, and UV resistant, So it's perfect not only for interior surfaces but also for exterior as well.

Glass kitchen countertops

Glass kitchen countertops are just as durable and as easy to maintain as any stone countertops. Glass countertops are heat, stain and scratch resistant and cost about the same per square foot as granite countertops.

And you have the option of the glass being translucent, colored, smooth, or even embedded with texture. Glass countertops allow you to add creative touches like installing lighting under the counter. How's that for creating a very attractive, warm, nightlight for the kitchen?
 Glass countertops have a unique, light and airy appeal you can't find in a stone countertop.

Glass Kitchen Wall Tile

 Glass wall tile is becoming increasingly popular for use as kitchen wall tiles rather if you tile all the walls, one wall, or leave it all  up to the kitchen backsplash tiles,
Glass Mosaic Patterns make for extraordinary kitchen backsplash tiles. They create a nice shiny, clean and vibrant look and feel to your kitchen. 

And Glass Kitchen Mosaic tile patterns not only make a big statement with their undeniable beauty, but they're also stain resistant and very easy to clean. Glass Mosaic tile patterns have all the makings for the perfect kitchen wall tiles. You can also use Glass Mosaic tile patterns as a decorative accent tile and integrate these beautiful gleaming colorful tiles into stone, ceramic or any other style of backsplash tiles

Glass Flooring

Glass flooring is very attractive, durable, and it resists moisture and stains, and this makes it perfect for bathroom and kitchen floor tiles. But kitchen and bathroom floor tiles also require slip resistance. Not a problem!

There are Glass tiles made specifically for glass flooring, And it's  slip resistant! There' are even glass flooring tiles that have a rough finish rather than a shiny finish.
 Glass flooring provides more style to your kitchen or bathroom than any other traditional kitchen and bathroom floor tiles. And because glass flooring tiles can be glossy and smooth it will give your kitchen or bath a unique new look and feel.
Glass flooring tiles are very durable and with just regular cleaning can last as long as the life of your home!

Glass Bathroom Wall Tile

Glass tile is also an excellent choice for a bathroom wall tile, It does such a good job of standing up to water and stains, you can even use it as a bathroom wall tile for a tub surround or even a bathroom shower tile including a bathroom shower tile for the shower stall floor.

Glass is especially an excellent choice for areas that are frequently exposed to moisture or extreme temperature fluctuations such as with a tub surround or bathroom shower tile.
And Glass tile also works well as a decorator tile to add a color design element to an otherwise plain wall tile design. When used as a bathroom shower tile glass can give your shower a feeling of warmth and vigor. The shimmer of these tiles reflects the light of the room and brightens up the entire space.

Glass Wall And Floor

It doesn't matter if you use glass mosaic tiles for your bathroom wall tile or glass flooring, or even both, these breathtaking glass tiles will be a beautiful addition and easily become the eye-catching focal point of the entire room.

Glass Tiles For Exterior Use

 Glass Mosaic tile patterns are known for their versatility. And because of it's great durability and being impervious to the effects of moisture, UV and frost resistance, It can easily handle the chore of an outdoor flooring for such areas as pool decks and courtyards and even external glass mosaic patterns for outdoor walls.


Glass Mosaic Flooring is very attractive and the beautiful gleaming smooth surface it creates feels good underfoot, especially when these feet are bare. Glass Mosaic flooring makes the pool area look more elegant and expensive. And allows for a shiny, gleaming surface you won't find in any other flooring.

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