Installing Granite Tile To Make Granite Tile Countertops Look Like A Solid Slab.


There's no comparison to the beauty of granite tile countertops, And especially when they're in the form of a solid slab. Bur Granite Countertops of this form can be quite expensive.

If you desire the look of a solid slab Granite countertop without the high cost, Granite tile is far less costly than the solid piece. And there's a way of installing Granite tile, so Granite tile countertops look solid. 

And by installing the countertop tiles, yourself adds up to thousands of dollars in installation costs.

It's relatively easy, Just think of installing Granite tile with the countertop tiles being perfectly square and butted close together.

Then filling the thin grout lines with a grout color that perfectly matches the countertop tiles. WHALAA! There you have it the look of a solid slab.

And you don't have to feel limited to creating a granite tile countertop, You can also use this technique for any other natural stone countertop tiles that also come in a solid slab.

And all of these natural stone flooring tiles are available in the same beautiful colors and textures that they come in as a solid kitchen countertop.

Creating  Granite Tile Countertops That Look Like A Solid Slab

Before you begin installing granite tile countertops  It's important to remove the old countertop tiles and substrate. You'll also need to install a new countertop substrate. This way you'll create a nice smooth surface for new Granite tile countertops.

If you take the time to do this, your new Granite kitchen countertop tile will be durable, look more professional, and last for many years to come.

You have the choice of selecting either a Polished or Honed granite tile. Polished Granite tile will create a beautiful gleaming granite tile countertop surface, While the Honed will make for a handsome matte finish.

Whichever tiles you choose they will need to be rectified. Meaning the tiles are mechanically processed, so they're uniform in size and perfectly squared. When the countertop tiles are rectified, it makes installing granite tile easier to neatly butt all four sides of the tiles close together, While allowing for the smallest of grout lines, and this is just what you'll want.

It's also important that you carefully select your Granite floor tiles, so they're uniform in appearance. So you'll not only want the color of each tile to match up but  also the crystalline tile patterns on the tiles.

For Marble tiles, it would be the color and the veining patterns.  When your countertop tiles are uniform in color and tile patterns, it allows you to downplay the look of the seams.

Now that you've gotten your Granite countertop tiles situated, You'll need to consider what you'll use for your countertop edging tiles. 

If your stone tiles don't have countertop edging tiles to match, you can cut some of the countertop tiles and use them for your countertop edging tiles. You can also use bullnose tiles or V-caps or even wood countertop trim which is about the easiest to install.

Installing Granite tile countertops work in the same way as installing any other kitchen counter tile, But don't use spacers. Instead, just butt the tiles close together.

For grouting  granite tile countertops, it's crucial to select a tile grout color that matches your countertop tiles completely. In some cases you may have to mix a few grout colors together to achieve just the right color.

Your tiles should be butted pretty close together preferably 1/8 or even better 1/16 inch wide, So it may seem like it may be a little tricky to get the grout in between them. But if you follow the directions for grouting tiles, No worry, Grout has a way of getting in between some relatively tight spaces.

And to maintain the illusion of the solid slab granite tile countertop, make sure when grouting  your countertop edging tiles, the tile grouting lines are blended well with those of your kitchen countertop tile. If not matched correctly it can highlight the fact of it being a tiled countertop 

Once Your Grout has cured overnight, you'll want to caulk the joints between your countertop tiles and backsplash tiles, And then you'll need to seal your grout and kitchen counter tile a few weeks after grouting, and again, at least, once every year or few years depending on the wear.

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