Installing Cabinet Hardware To Enhance The Look Of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Installing cabinet hardware is a small part of the overall kitchen cabinet package, But choosing kitchen cabinet hardware, such as quality kitchen cabinet pulls and knobs, can have a significant impact on the perceived quality of your kitchen cabinets.


In other words, when you spend a little more for style and functionality for kitchen cabinet hardware, it's well worth it.

You should also consider splurging a little on kitchen cabinet hardware that's hidden from view, such as kitchen cabinet drawer  slides or kitchen cabinet hinges.

Kitchen cabinet hardware items like Full extension soft closing slides for kitchen cabinet drawers can be a little pricey, but when you think regarding convenience, they are without a doubt worth it.

Kitchen cabinet pulls and knobs vary in prices depending on their finish and source, but when it comes to using a unique kitchen cabinet hardware style, it will cost much more than the stock hardware designs.

 If your desire is to use color knobs and pulls integrate them into the colors from your other kitchen designs, like your kitchen backsplash, kitchen counter or even your kitchen floor tiles!

When choosing your kitchen cabinet hardware first decide on the finish of the hardware you want to use. Once you've done this, you can let your creativity flow on selecting a design for your kitchen cabinet pulls and knobs.

About Installing Cabinet Hardware Of Knobs And Pulls

* When you use kitchen cabinet hardware that's too small on full kitchen cabinet drawers, The knob or pull may appear to look lost.

For wider kitchen drawers you may do better by using one large kitchen cabinet pull  or two medium size kitchen cabinet knobs. 

* When mounting kitchen cabinet hardware on tall kitchen cabinet doors, It's a good idea to mount them at the elbow level of an adult.

Depending on the height of your door, the hardware may or may not fall in the middle of the door. But when mounted at adult elbow level makes it not only comfortable for adults, but also allows for children to reach.

* To create an attractive, well-balanced appearance to your kitchen cabinets, focus on choosing kitchen cabinet pulls and knobs that not only look great together but also enhance the style of the kitchen cabinets. 

* When installing kitchen cabinet pulls to lower kitchen cabinet doors, place the bottom hole in the upper third of the door. and for upper cabinets the hole in the lower third of kitchen cabinet doors. 

* For mounting pulls on kitchen cabinet drawers, align the holes in the center of the drawer front. 

* The most popular size for a standard drawer pull is one with holes 96mm apart, While many of the old kitchen cabinet pulls have holes 3 inches apart.

* If you run into this challenge, there is a simple remedy. There are handy little adapters that will fit into your existing 3-inch holes. These adapters are designed to disappear virtually, because they completely cover the hole, and you can now make your new holes for your kitchen cabinet pulls where needed. 

* In the past installing cabinet hardware like knobs was typically used on kitchen cabinet doors, while pulls on kitchen cabinet drawers, or visa verse. But today's stylish kitchen hardware designs allow for us to be a bit more lenient. It's not uncommon to use all knobs or all pulls, or any other combination that suits your fancy.

Installing Cabinet Hardware

Installing cabinet hardware is relatively easy once you've chosen and purchased the cabinet hardware design you desire.

Just follow the simple steps below, and you'll soon see your kitchen cabinet drawers and kitchen cabinet doors take on a much more attractive appeal, and your overall kitchen cabinets will look great! 

Here's what You'll need

A Screwdriver, Knobs and handles and their screws, A ruler or tape measure,  Masking Tape, a Pencil, a drill and a small drill bit. 

Step 1- Mark Your Spot

Decide where you want to install your kitchen cabinet pulls or knobs on your kitchen cabinet drawers and doors.  And apply masking tape to the area. You'll be drilling your holes from the front of the door or door through to the back, So the masking tape will protect the fronts of your cabinet doors while you are drilling the holes. 

If you choose to install your kitchen cabinet hardware to the middle of your kitchen cabinet drawers and doors, Use your ruler or tape Measure to find the center of the cabinet drawer or door frame, and then mark it onto the tape with a pencil.  

If your handles have two screws, mark the middle of your cabinet door frame, and then measure the length between the holes in the two ends of the handle, and mark both areas, so they're centered using the middle mark as your guide.

Step 2- Drill The Holes

* When installing kitchen cabinet pulls requiring, two holes recheck to make sure the holes are in proper alignment, before actually drilling your holes.

If the holes are not in a straight line, it will show by your installed handles looking crooked.

* Always use a smaller drill bit than the screws that come with your kitchen cabinet hardware. Because if you make the hole too big, It can run you into the extra work of filling the hole, which may disrupt the look of your door or drawer fronts. The smaller bit also prevents any splintering to the backside of the kitchen cabinet drawers and doors. 

Next, use the smaller drill bit to drill your holes to the designated area of the kitchen cabinet drawers and doors.

Then check to see that the screw from your kitchen cabinet pulls or knobs fit into the hole you just drilled, If not adjust the size of the hole as needed.

Continue to drill holes in each of the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers and remove and discard of the blue tape. 

Step 3-Installing Cabinet Hardware By Screwing In Your Kitchen Cabinet Knobs And Pulls

Insert each of your screws through the back side of your kitchen cabinet drawers and doors. Attach the knobs and pulls by placing them to the front of the drawer or door and inserting the screws into the holes of the kitchen cabinet pulls and knobs. 

Then Twist the screws into the kitchen cabinet pulls or knobs by hand, and then tighten with a screwdriver. And then check that the knobs and pulls are secure. 

Congratulations on installing your beautiful new kitchen cabinet hardware!

Relax And Enjoy. 

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