Installing Floor Tiles With A Tile Border Or In A Checkerboard Tile Pattern Add Character And Personality To Your Floor Tile Installation


Installing Floor Tiles With A Tile Border Creates Floor Tile Designs With  More Character and Personality than A Floor Tile Installation without! While A Checkerboard Floor Tile Pattern Creates A Classic Appeal That Never Goes Out Of Style.

Floor tiles in general add big personality and character to a space, But nothing does it like A Decorative tile Border or a classic Checkerboard floor tile pattern.

Checkerboard Floor Tile Pattern

The Checkerboard floor tile pattern was an old time favorite for diners. While it's also been and still remains a very popular choice of floor tile patterns for the well to do. 

The Character of the Checkerboard Pattern lives on and in more creative tile designs than ever before. And you can use this floor tile pattern for ceramic, stone or just about any other type of floor tile installation. 

Decorative Tile Border

Decorative tiles turn a floor tile installation into a work of art.
Mosaic tile patterns make for a stunning decorative floor tile border; And their also about the easiest to install.
Rather it is glass mosaic floor tile designs, Ceramic or Stone. And let's not forget about pebble rock Mosaic floor tile designs. Just imagine the possibilities for adding pebble rock as a border for your bathroom floor tiles. There is a host of other decorative tiles that you can add while installing floor tiles; You can even have them specially designed to suit your personal style.

You may like the look of your border tiles butted directly against the walls. Or you may prefer to install your decorative border tiles first then another row of your main floor tiles along the edges of the room

Installing Floor Tiles In A Checkerboard Floor Tile Design

To achieve a checkerboard floor tile design it doesn't matter if you alternate two colors or two textures of floor tiles, as long as they're equal squares in size.

The floor tile installation for checkerboard floor tile designs is no different than installing a basic square grid tile pattern. You simply need to remember to alternate your tiles.

During the process of dry laying and installing your floor tiles, it may help if you stack your tiles in the order you will be installing them.You should then place a stack of the prearranged tiles near each section of the floor that you'll be tiling.
This way you won't have to remind yourself each time to alternate the tiles.

To begin working on your checkerboard floor pattern, you'll first need to mark and snap chalk your two basic reference lines and then dry-lay a sample of your floor tile installation.

Then use these instructions for installing your floor tiles.

 Installing Floor Tiles And Tile Border

Tile layouts become a little challenging when you add decorative border tiles to your main floor tile installation. You could simply lay this eye-catching strip by eye.

However, the job will go more quickly, and your results will be much more attractive if you add the additional layout guidelines on the floor.

These extra lines will remind you of how and where you'll be installing your border tiles.

Drawing Your Basic Tile Reference Lines And Marking Your Tile Locations

For drawing your basic tile reference lines Go Here

Once you have marked and snap-chalked your primary tile reference lines, You'll need to make the additional ones needed for your decorative tiles.

 In the case of your installing decorative tiles of the same size as a border around the entire floor tile installation, Simply Measure the areas from the ends of where you'll be installing floor tiles to the wall.

 If you're installing decorative tiles to just the corners of the floor tile installation, measure the area where you'll be installing the decorative tiles and mark the areas where you'll be installing them.

Dry-lay A  Sample Of Your Floor Tile Installation

Once you have all of your tile reference or layout lines snap-chaulked to the floor, you'll need to first dry-lay a sample of your floor tile installation. First Dry-lay your field floor tiles. Be sure to include your spacers. And Leave out the areas where you will be installing the border tiles. This way you can determine how and where you'll be laying your border tiles and determine the cuts you'll need.

Get a mental picture of how you want your decorative border to look and then Finish up on dry-laying  your tiles by adding your decorative Border to your field tiles.  Tweak your entire floor tile installation along with the decorative tile border until you get your desired look.

Mark the sides of your floor tiles and those of your decorative tiles to the floor. You'll use the marks for placing your primary floor tiles and your decorative border during your permanent floor tile installation.

Installing Floor Tiles And Your Decorative Tile Border

Install your field floor tiles,
but leave out the area where you'll be installing the tile border and if your adding another row of field tiles behind your tile border leave those out also, Once your done installing floor tiles you're ready to install your decorative tile border

Mix up a Batch of Thinset Mortar

After mixing your Thinset Mortar spread a layer onto the floor.

Press your border tiles into the Thinset. If you're using spacers between your border tiles, be sure to place them. Then if it's a part of your design,  finish up by installing your row of field tiles.

Depending on the type of decorative border tiles you're using Use the recommended tile cutting tool to cut the border tiles as needed. For Stone tiles and thick Ceramic tiles, it's always a wet saw, for light to medium Ceramic tiles you can use a Snap Cutter.

Allow the Thinset Mortar to dry for 24 hours, Then remove your spacers and Grout your field floor tiles and border tiles together.

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