Choose Your Floor tile Designs And Then Use These Simple Instructions For Installing Tile Floors


Installing tile Floors is Fairly easy once you've chosen your floor tiles. The actual work of tiling a floor is in preparing the subfloor.

When you enter this page on preparing your floor, check to see if you need to perform any of the tasks listed. Even if you don't need to do any of the preparations, in any case you will need to use the sections on drawing your reference lines and dry-laying your tiles. This will really prevent a lot of the challenges you could run into by simply going into tiling your floor without a plan.

Depending on the condition of your subfloor it could take very little to prepare it for tiling, but if your subfloor needs a bit of work don't get discouraged, because chances are your subfloor will need this work anyway.

What better reason is there to do it now than for installing the floor that you desire. It's well worth preparing your subloor for the results you'll get from your beautiful newly tiled floor.

Check out this section on planning ahead for your tile installation, It has some great tips that will help in making your tiling job go smoother.

If you will be tiling a bathroom floor it's best to remove your bathroom fixtures first.

Simply click on the picture of the floor tile installation you want, and you'll be taken to those instructions for tiling.

Most of all enjoy the floor tiling process as you watch your masterpiece take form right before your eyes.

Install Ceramic Tile Flooring

These simple instructions for ceramic tile flooring can be used for any type of ceramic tile flooring, including porcelain floor tiles.

Marble Tile Installation.

This marble tile Installation includes Instructions For A Polished marble tile installation as well as for installing tumbled marble floor tiles. you can also use it for installing other stone floor tiles.

Installing Laminate Tile Flooring

These instructions are for installing interlocking laminate tile flooring. There's other laminate tile flooring that gets installed using tile adhesive.

Installing Parquet Floor Tiles

These instructions are for installing parquet floor tiles with tile adhesive. There are other styles of parquet floor tiles that are installed by interlocking the tiles.You can use the instructions for installing Laminate tile flooring to install interlocking parquet floor tiles.

Installing Cork Floor Tiles

Cork floor tiles make for a very simple floor tile installation, It's an excellent choice for beginning floor tilers as well as those who have installed floor tiles before. Cork floor tiles will give you a beautiful, very durable floor in very little time.

Installing Tile Floors Using Berber Carpet Tile

Berber carpet tiles make for a beautiful do it yourself wall to wall carpet, Not only is Berber carpet tile beautiful, but they are very durable too, They are so durable they are often used as a commercial carpet tile.

Vinyl Tile Installation

A vinyl Tile installation is an excellent choice for beginning tilers. There are vinyl floor tiles that convincingly mimic the look of ceramic, stone, as well as other tile flooring. Vinyl tile flooring makes for a very simple floor tile installation resulting in a very attractive floor.

Installing Tile Floors Using Rock Tile Flooring

River Rock tile flooring Gives you a beautiful smooth natural rock tile floor. with the ease of a mosaic floor tile installation. Rock tile comes already assembled on 12X12 sheets you simply apply to the floor with tile adhesive.

Installing Mosaic Tile Patterns

Mosaic tile patterns can be an excellent choice for a bathroom flooring. The many grout lines found between these small tiles creates the perfect amount of slip resistance needed for a bathroom flooring. and there are many mosaic tile patterns that come in intricate colors and shapes.

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