There's A Lot More To Interlocking Floor Tile Than The Easy Floor Tile Installation!


The ease of a floor tile installation using Interlocking floor tile has long been available in such flooring as laminate floor tiles or Parquet Floor Tiles, and  Rubber floor tiles or even Bamboo Flooring.

The floor tile installation for Ceramic Floor Tiles and Natural Stone Tile has long included sometimes sealing the tiles first, using a Thinset Mortar tile adhesive to install them, grouting the tiles and sealing them again.

The look you get after installing Ceramic floor tiles, and Natural Stone flooring is well worth the work, But today there is an easier option available.

There are now interlocking tiles of Natural Stone and Ceramic Floor tiles for exterior use and others for internal use that convincingly mimic the look of Stone and Ceramic floor tiles all the way down to the texture.

Vinyl Wood Interlocking Floor Tile

Vinyl Wood interlocking planks are as visually Realistic as it is beautiful. They feature a wood-like finish in an array of wood finishes and with realistic textures and details.  They come in 4.2 mm thickness x 6-inch width x 48-inch length And offer coordinating trim and moldings.

The Plank Vinyl floor tiles make for a watertight surface that's very easy to clean, making them ideal to be used as a kitchen floor tile, bathroom floor tiles or for any other room in the home.
They have a quick and easy floor tile installation of click and lock with no tile grout or tile adhesive needed. And should be installed over a Plywood or Concrete Subfloor.

Vinyl Ceramic And Natural Stone Interlocking Floor Tile

There are also Vinyl interlocking tiles that give you the richness and beauty of Ceramic and natural stone flooring. The Vinyl Ceramic floor tiles Come in a range of colors and textures which can be embossed, smooth or with a low gloss finish.
The Stone Vinyl tiles include Marble, Travertine, and Sandstone with luxurious embossing that gives them a beautiful authentic look and feel.

These Vinyl floor tiles come in 12 inch x 23.82-inch tiles. They offer commercial grade superior durability that can easily stand up to heavy traffic areas yet very quiet underfoot, And they're easy to maintain.

These Vinyl Floor tiles also offer a quick and easy floor tile installation of click and lock with no tile grout or tile adhesive needed. And they can be installed over old flooring as long as it's smooth and even.

PVC Interlocking Floor Tile

There is also another type of interlocking tile made up of a flexible PVC, But designed to look like Stone and wood floor tiles. The tiles lock into a virtually watertight surface and once installed the seams take on the appearance of grout lines.
They come in floor tile designs that mimic the look of Natural Stone, Wood, and Travertine. And these tiles are ideally used for both residential and industrial use. They are mold and mildew resistant and easy to clean and maintain.

And even though not as detailed as the premium vinyl, These tiles make for a very attractive flooring for a mudroom, home gym, playroom, basement bathroom floor tiles or even a garage floor tile.

For the Floor Tile installation, they can be laid over an existing floor as long as it's smooth and even. And they require no tile adhesive nor tile grout.
All four sides of the tiles and can be “locked” firmly together in a matter of seconds using only a rubber mallet.  The complete floor tile installation can be completed in very little time, And you can install them yourself saving you a significant amount in installation costs.

Exterior Ceramic And Natural Stone Deck And Patio Interlocking Floor Tile

There are elegant Natural Stone and Ceramic interlocking tiles specially designed for exterior use. They're available in Slate, Granite, Ceramic, Sandstone, Pebble and Mosaic Stone Deck and Patio Tiles

You can use the Pebble and mosaic alone, or you can combine them with other tiles to create interesting floor tile designs like tile borders or attractive infills to different areas of the floor tile installation. 

Not only do interlocking tiles make for a quick and easy floor tile installation, But they also require no tile adhesive or tile grout between the tiles nor the pebbles or Mosaic tile patterns.

The Stone and Ceramic tiles can be laid on most solid surfaces like a concrete patio or walkway or even an existing wood deck, But the surface must be smooth and even as possible, so the tiles don’t “rock”.

These Natural stone or ceramic tiles are bonded to a plastic mesh base with connecting tabs on all sides. So you just clip the tiles together, The precise spacing and alignment is already done for you.

Thanks to the ease of interlocking tile its easy for anyone install an indoor or outdoor flooring of their dreams. Other than cutting the tiles to fit around posts or pipes or to fit precisely within a specific shaped area, the only equipment you’ll need is a tape measure and work gloves.

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