Use Encaustic Cement And Ceramic Tile Designs To Change Your Kitchen Backsplash Tiles From Drab To Enchantingly Beautiful!


Are you bored with the look of your kitchen backsplash tiles? And if so are you seeking something new and unique to change the look completely and spruce things up around the space? Well, A great solution to your backsplash Blues could be in exchanging your current  backsplash tiles to the enchanting beauty of encaustic cement tile or encaustic ceramic tile designs. 

Kitchen backsplash tiles are not just about filling the gap between the countertop tile and the kitchen cabinets. Today's kitchen designers and homeowners alike realize that a stylish tile backsplash can take on the design of the entire kitchen.

A Uniquely designed tile backsplash can add real flair to your kitchen. With relatively little fuss because installing a tile backsplash is a fairly easy project that you can tackle without disturbing the other elements in the room.  

Encaustic tile designs give you a quick and easy way to revitalize your kitchen with a fabulous look that never goes out of style.

And When it comes to encaustic tile designs the color is not just painted onto the surface of the tile, but rather a part of the tile itself.  So the colors and tile patterns will show off their elegant designs for many years to come,  and they only look better with age.

They are easy to maintain, And a big plus is that Encaustic tiles usually butt together, so unlike traditional tile, you won't need to worry about the grout between them becoming dirty and dingy over time.

There are encaustic tile designs available in a broad array of tile patterns and designs. They allow you to create a cement or ceramic tile backsplash anywhere from sleek and modern to Medieval European to stylish and colorful Mediterranean. 

Encaustic tile designs make for fabulous, colorful and stylish  kitchen backsplash tiles that will add personality and style to even the best of kitchen decors.

Encaustic Cement Tile

The colorful tile designs of encaustic cement tiles have been around since medieval times, But they're now making a big come back in even more intricate tile patterns than ever before.

 You may have admired these tiles in churches, government buildings, beautiful homes and even the US capital building.  The brilliant colors and the stunning tile patterns may have impressed you, but maybe you thought of them as something that would never be available for use in your home. But Encaustic tiles have recently become very popular in home use as floor tiles, wall tiles and kitchen backsplash tiles.

Encaustic Cement Tile is hand-made where the the color in the pattern comes from mineral pigments which are mixed and poured into a mold. So the beautiful colors and tile patterns exist throughout the entire body of the tile,  The colors in cement encaustic tile never fades away and only gets better with age.

A lot of the tile patterns and designs of these tiles are centuries old but still can give a fresh and modern look and feel even today.

In fact, encaustic tiles with the appeal of age are surging in popularity today. The look of being worn and from an older era is even more captivating.

And this look can come anywhere from encaustic Spanish tile designs to geometric hallmarks. 

Encaustic Ceramic Tile Designs

Encaustic ceramic tile designs are a bit less costly than cement. They are ceramic tiles in which different colors of clay are used to create the pattern or figure on the surface of the tile,  rather than the pattern being just a part of the glaze. 

They usually consist of two colors, but there are also encaustic Ceramic tile designs that are composed of as many as six colors. 

There are Encaustic ceramic tile designs available to fit almost any budget. There are also ceramic reproductions that offer the same unique look as the encaustic tile designs, but much less costly.  

Rather than the pattern running throughout the entire body of the tile as with encaustic tile patterns, the elegant colors and designs are virtually printed right onto the surface of the tile.

Tips For Encaustic Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

* A newly designed kitchen backsplash and especially unique ones like Encaustic Cement and Ceramic tile designs are sure to draw the eye to the backsplash. And this will also bring attention to the kitchen cabinets, so If your kitchen cabinets are starting to look drab and worn, it's well worth it to have the cabinets refinished or refaced. Depending on the condition of your kitchen cabinets you may be able to simply paint them.

Your new stunning and unique encaustic kitchen tile backsplash along with your newly painted or refaced kitchen cabinets will give a look of a professionally designed kitchen makeover!

* Although encaustic quilted tile patterns are absolutely breathtaking, using too many colors can create a look that's overwhelming and busy. So to create Quilted tile patterns that won't overwhelm the kitchen backsplash area consider choosing tiles of similar colors or that complement each other, You'll get all the texture you'll need and create a calmer appeal.

* When using Geometric tile patterns,  it's a good idea to try and keep the walls and other kitchen design elements simple, So the geometric tile pattern is always the focal point of the kitchen. And to also ensure that the design of the overall kitchen doesn't appear too busy.

* These breathtaking Encaustic Cement Tile and Encaustic Ceramic tile designs offer beautiful tile patterns with each piece or individual tiles that can be arranged together to create larger tile patterns. They Allow you to transform your kitchen backsplash into your unique personal masterpiece.

* Encaustic tiles can be a bit pricey, but since the backsplash is a relatively small area, it's more affordable to use the more elegant pricey kitchen backsplash tiles. 

Mosaic Encaustic Tiles

Encaustic Cement and Ceramic tile designs have not only beautiful and intricate tile patterns but also have a stunning rich finish including the Mosaic Tile designs.

These elegant tile designs have taken the lead in the explosive growth in use by creative designers and homeowners alike seeking to create unique spaces.

Patchwork Tile Patterns

Even though encaustic tile often has distinctive patterns, it’s becoming more and more common to mismatch them, and create unique kitchen backsplash tiles or customized focal accent walls and floors that are entirely unique to your home.

You can create breathtaking quilted tile patterns with encaustic cement and encaustic ceramic tile designs by mixing and matching the tile patterns

Encaustic Designs

There's a huge selection of encaustic tiles available with many designs inspired from different countries and eras; They are available in styles ranging from contemporary to vintage and can display brilliant art forms of floral, fruits, animals and more.

Use the brilliant colors of encaustic tile  to give your cement or ceramic tile backsplash  a bright and cheerful look and feel with beautiful designs and tile patterns that can't be found in any other wall tile.

Geometric Designs

Geometric encaustic tile patterns make for fabulous kitchen backsplash tiles. They make a big statement for a modern kitchen design!

And You can create tile patterns of all the same colors, a blend of different colors or even a classical and stylish modern black and white design. No matter which design you choose, you'll wind up with a fabulous kitchen backsplash with a design that's entirely unique!

Allow Encaustic Tiles To Take A Front Row Seat In The Design Of Your Kitchen.

Encaustic Cement Tile or Encaustic Ceramic tile designs bring beautiful, colorful and stylish tile patterns to the kitchen backsplash that will liven up any style of kitchen decor. And to add even more of a unique look and feel to your kitchen instead of just tiling the backsplash consider tiling the entire wall behind the range all the way to the ceiling.

 Encaustic  kitchen backsplash tiles can take a front row seat in the design of  this rustic kitchen without the tile patterns overwhelming the space:

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