The Color Of Your Kitchen Backsplash And Bathroom Wall Tile Can Set The Stage For The Mood Of The Entire Room!


Your Kitchen Backsplash And Bathroom Wall Tile Can Set The Stage For The Mood Of The Entire Room

You can use your kitchen backsplash or your bathroom wall tile to create warm feelings .  And depending on the shade of the color tile you use, You can also Add a bit of cheeriness, excitement, and vigor. And the color of the tiles you select is your avenue to doing it.

It's a known fact that color can affect the moods in humans. Ancient Egyptians, Chinese and several other ancient cultures used color as a means of healing and it's still used today as a Holistic treatment,

Red was used to increase circulation and stimulate the body and mind. Yellow's use was to purify the body and to stimulate the nerves. Orange was believed to not only increase energy levels but also to heal the lungs.
While blues, greens and purples create feelings of peace, serenity and loyalty.

So just imagine the feelings you can create in your Home

Tiling your kitchen backsplash with the power of color tiles is one way to not only adorn the wall behind your counter but to also generate some warm feelings to the kitchen. And your Bathroom wall tile is a great way to add these feelings to the bathroom.
You don't have to feel limited to using Ceramic color tiles. You can find some absolutely breathtaking tile colors in Stone tiles, Cement tiles or even Glass Tiles.
If your bathroom or kitchen tile ideas are to add excitement To your kitchen or bath, you should include the lighter shades of reds, yellows or oranges.
In their lighter tones, these colors are invigorating and grab the attention of anyone that enters the room. They radiate with feelings of Cheeriness and liveliness.

If you want to tone it down a little and move the mood of your kitchen or bath more towards warmth, your bathroom and kitchen tile ideas should be to use these colors in their darker tones.
If you Add the darker tones to your kitchen backsplash or bathroom wall tile, you'll create feelings of comfort and warmth.


Kitchen Tile Ideas For A Red Kitchen Backsplash

Red color tiles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for a  backsplash, especially among kitchen designers; Because It can make quite the statement.
A bright red kitchen backsplash can put your entire kitchen on high alert because Red kitchen tiles have a flair of excitement, drama, and passion.

A darker shade of red can create a warm, cozy glow to the room. It creates a mood that envelopes your visitors in pure comfort and warmth.

But be careful not to use too much red, because it can very easily dominate the other colors in the room.

If you don't feel comfortable tiling your entire kitchen backsplash red, simply sprinkle some red tiles in with your other kitchen backsplash tiles

Another way to tone down a red kitchen backsplash is to use furnishings and accessories that are neutral or light in color.


Bathroom And Kitchen Tile Ideas For Yellow Color Tile

Yellow color tile is making a comeback to some pretty familiar places, like kitchens and baths.

There's something fun and happy about a yellow kitchen or bathroom wall tile. Yellow color tiles are very cheery, and can easily brighten up even the darkest of rooms.

If you're kitchen and bathroom tile ideas are to create a bit of cheeriness you should certainly include yellow color tile.

Yellow color tile works great as a kitchen or bathroom wall tile, but keep in mind that despite the fact that yellow bathroom and kitchen wall tiles can be absolutely stunning too much of it can become sterile. To remedy this simply add in a few neutral colors to the room.

 You can also use yellow color tile to add just a splash of sunlight to your kitchen wall tile, bathroom wall tile, and backsplash tiles by sprinkling it in as a decorative accent tile.


Bathroom And Kitchen Tile Ideas For Orange Color Tile

Orange's attention grabbing attributes are often used to call attention to traffic signs and advertisements.

As with red and yellow bright orange color tile creates vigor and excitement to kitchens and bathrooms, while it's darker shades create comfort and warmth.

Orange is actually a combination of yellow and red. It is a very energetic color that creates feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth.

Orange color tile shares both some of the positive characteristics of the warmth and energy of red color tile and the cheeriness and liveliness of yellow.

Like yellow, orange color tile reflects light well, especially in its lighter tones, It creates a cheery, sunny type of brightness and a lively mood to the room. While in it's darker tones it creates calmness and warmth.

 Orange color tiles will attract the eye even when used in conjunction with more neutral colors.

Whatever mood you may be looking for, you can create it with color tile. Ask yourself Do you want your kitchen to be relaxing or energizing? Then go for it.

You can find these colorful reds yellows and oranges in glossy or unglazed colorful ceramic tile designs,  Cement tile, Glass tile or in the rich natural tones of natural stone tiles.

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