Soft Kitchen Cabinet Hinges Can Gently Close Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors For You!


It's amazing how a simple thing like kitchen cabinet hinges can add something unique to the experience of opening and closing your kitchen cabinet doors. There are hinges available that come equipped with soft closing features that are the perfect solution for families that are prone to slamming kitchen cabinet doors.

There are also styles that automatically close kitchen doors when their left ajar and others that will open the kitchen cabinets from a push,

When choosing your kitchen cabinet hinges, it makes sense to spend a little more for the comfort of their functionality.

Especially if you're sprucing up your kitchen cabinets, It doesn't matter if you're painting your kitchen cabinets and want to add something special. Or maybe you're having them refaced. You might even be in the process of purchasing new kitchen cabinets.

Whatever the case, give yourself a pat on the back and permission to give your beautiful kitchen cabinets the full treatment with quality kitchen cabinet pulls and knobs, kitchen cabinet hinges and smooth flowing slides for your kitchen cabinet drawers. And don't forget to include the special features to make life in the kitchen a little more enjoyable. You and your family deserve it!

Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Depending on the look you want you can choose your kitchen cabinet hinges simply for their functionality of opening and closing your kitchen cabinets doors. You also have the option, to select a style for both functionality and as an attractive decorative element, to add a bit of style to your kitchen cabinet doors.
But there are situations where a visible hinge can be more of a distraction to the kitchen cabinet doors, so you may want to keep them completely out of view.

Concealed Hinges

If you choose Concealed hinges no part of the hinge will be visible from the outside of the kitchen cabinet door when it's in the closed position.

These cabinet hinges are perfect for frame-less kitchen cabinet doors like those of some modern designs, While with Semi-Concealed hinges only part of the hardware is seen from the outside of the kitchen cabinet doors while closed. They're a good choice when you want your hinges to be seen, but not so much where it interferes with the design of your kitchen cabinet doors. You can even add details to the look with such details as decorative ball tips.

Exposed Hinge

The Exposed hinge is fully visible on the outside of the cabinet while the kitchen cabinet doors when closed.

These hinges are ideal when you want to use your hinges as a decorative element to your kitchen cabinet doors.

Butt Hinges

Butt hinges are a traditional for kitchen cabinet doors. It's composed of two pivoting plates that are then interlocked into a barrel and held together by a pin.

One plate is attached to the kitchen cabinet doors while the other attaches to the kitchen cabinets.   Butt hinges may require a mortise to prevent any gaps between the kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinet doors.

Depending on the best solution, the mortise can be to the door or the cabinet or both the cabinet and the door. Creating a nice smooth fit along the kitchen cabinet doors and frames.

The Exiting Extra Features For Kitchen Cabinet Hinges!

 You can also include extra features to your cabinet hinges. These are particularly handy If you or your loved ones are prone to slamming kitchen cabinet doors or not closing them at all!

* The self-closing hinge will pull your kitchen cabinet doors shut whenever it's left open to within a few inches of being closed. And it keeps it closed with a snap. It is sometimes called a snap-closing hinge.

* The Self-opening hinge has a mechanism that automatically propels the door open. And a simple push will activate it.

* The Soft-close hinge is equipped with a mechanism that will automatically softly bring the kitchen cabinet doors to a close; anytime the doors are left open within a few inches of the shut position.

Catches And Latches For Kitchen Cabinets

For kitchen cabinet hinges that aren't self-closing, you may want to consider using catches or latches to keep the kitchen cabinet doors closed.

* Catches can range from mechanical devices to earth magnets installed inside kitchen cabinet doors.

* Latches are traditionally used to keep certain styles of kitchen cabinet doors closed; Depending on the design of the latch, They tend to give the kitchen cabinets a sort of country or antique look.

It also takes more of an effort to open and close the kitchen cabinet doors.

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