Living With Your Kitchen Floor Tile Should Be All About You


The kitchen is the focal point of the home, so you'll want your kitchen floor tile as well as any other tile located in this particular room to resonate with the lifestyle of you and your loved ones.

The kitchens are the heart of the home because this is where all the little dramas of life get played out. It's not only the place where we prepare our meals but also the place where some of our most important conversations happen. 

It could be anywhere from conversing with a spouse over a nice comforting cup of coffee,  asking about our kids day at school during afternoon snack or with a few friends over for an after dinner drink.

Because the kitchen is such a popular place where so much happens, it makes a lot of sense to choose a kitchen floor tile surface that's not only good for the eyes but also one that wears well, is slip-resistant and easy to clean.

There is absolutely no other floor covering that matches the durability of tile. And for this busy lifestyle your kitchen floor tile will need to durable enough to stand up to heavy foot traffic without wearing out. It will need to be water and stain resistant so it can withstand an assortment of accidental spills. Your kitchen floor will also need to be slip resistant enough to prevent falls from the spills. And it would surely help if it can quickly and easily clean up with just the swipe of a mop.

Tips For Kitchen Floor Tile 

* Lighter floor tiles make the floor appear larger but their also harder to keep clean.

* If your kitchen floor leads directly to the outside, you'll need a floor tile with extra durability. A good choice would be in a porcelain floor tile. Porcelain floor tiles are the toughest of all ceramic tile designs. These tiles will be exposed to the different changes in atmosphere hot, cold, rain and snow every time the kitchen door opens.

If your floor tiles are not durable enough or if required left unprotected without a new dose of tile sealant, These changes in climate tend to age the kitchen floor tile way before it's time. And the constant moisture from outdoors tends to take away the beauty of the tile by darkening the tile surface of those located closest to the door.  A good choice would be in a porcelain floor tile. Porcelain floor tiles are the toughest of all ceramic tile designs. and their versatile enough to withstand the differences in temperature.

*It's also a good idea to make sure the door is correctly weatherized and use doormats to keep unnecessary dirt from being tracked onto your kitchen floor.

* No doubt about it  floor tile can make for an absolutely stunning kitchen floor covering, but it can be uncomfortable to stand on for extended periods of time, and it also tends to be cold underfoot if you're dealing with the colder climates.

You can make your tile floor more comfortable by adding attractive cushioned mats in front of the sink and other areas of the kitchen that are often used. 

* Another option is to look into installing an in-floor radiant heating system. Your tiled floor will feel like you have a room size radiator underneath, where you can walk around on your kitchen floor tile barefoot and comfortable even during the coldest of winters.

Choosing Your Floor Tile 

The first step you should take in choosing just the right  floor tile is to take stock of your everyday lifestyle. If you have an active family life with children and pets, your priority for a kitchen floor tile should be high on the practicality scale. And Ceramic tile designs, Porcelain floor tile, and Vinyl floor tiles would be smart choices for these active kitchen floors.  And if you like the look of wood flooring  Bamboo or Laminate floor tiles also offer all the qualities needed. 

Laminate Floor Tile

 Porcelain floor tiles, Vinyl floor tiles and Ceramic tile designs and even bamboo and Laminate floor tiles all do a great job of holding up to foot traffic and are slip resistant and repel moisture and stains. And they also cleanup relatively easy. 

* And If you're tiling on a budget and want something a little more elegant than the average Vinyl floor tiles, there are luxury vinyl floor tiles available today that convincingly mimic the look and feel of Ceramic tile designs, Porcelain floor tiles and even wood and natural stone flooring, at a fraction of the cost.

Glass Floor Tile

* Of course, If your lifestyle in the kitchen is less active you can turn down the practicality a bit and move more towards style. You can choose your floor tile from a  broader array of  Ceramic tile designs, Porcelain floor tiles, Natural stone flooring, and Luxury Vinyl  floor Tiles.

And depending on your budget, you can even use a unique kitchen floor tile like Encaustic cement tile, Glass Floor tile, or terrazzo floor tile.

Just keep in mind that some of these more elegant  floor tiles will need to be sealed regularly to protect them from staining and to keep up their good looks.

* Floor tile designs are different than wall tile because they need to be tough enough to walk on, And they also need to be water, stain  and slip resistant. 

But there are floor tiles such as unglazed ceramic floor tile designs, natural stone floor tiles, and cement and terrazzo floor tiles that are tough enough to walk on but have a porous surface making them easy to stain. 

The solution is to apply a tile sealant, to protect the tiles surface from scratches, moisture, and stains. And when the tile sealant, wears thin maybe in a year or so. You'll need to apply a new coat of tile sealant to protect the tiles again. 

Galley Style Kitchens

kit floor tile straight
  • A galley style kitchen is a very efficient design. Most of the appliances and work surfaces are within just a few steps from each other, but the kitchen floor is long and narrow. When you install floor tiles in a straight pattern, it tends to make the grout lines appear to be very prominent making the room feel even more restricted.

One solution might be to use thinner grout lines or smaller tiles which tend to de-emphasize the grout lines. But another solution might be to install your floor tiles diagonally. Because when you install floor tiles diagonally, it draws the eyes to the sides of the room, and this makes the kitchen floor appear wider.

kit floor tile diaggraph

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