Kitchen Ideas For Coordinating Kitchen Tile Designs


If you want to create a well-designed kitchen, your kitchen ideas should include Coordinating your kitchen floor tiles, kitchen backsplash tiles, and kitchen countertop tile so that each will compliment the color of the other.  You'll want to create a kitchen that flows and all the colors of the kitchen tile designs, and kitchen accessories are in harmony.  

Consider your kitchen floor tile color,  your kitchen countertop tile and kitchen cabinets as your three main elements for your color scheme.

Things are simpler if you're planning a complete kitchen makeover. You simply start from scratch when selecting your kitchen tile designs.

Your kitchen ideas should only be to select coordinating colors for your kitchen floor tile, kitchen counter tiles, and kitchen backsplash tiles.

You'll want to keep the color scheme for your three main elements simple, And allow either the backsplash or the smaller design elements of the kitchen to take center stage in creating the color. 

When you do it this way, it allows you the freedom to change your color scheme if desired in the future, without being concerned with the major design elements, like the kitchen countertop tile, kitchen cabinets, or the kitchen floor tile.

Always choose two dominant colors and then add an accent color. A color wheel is an excellent tool for help with coordinating colors.

Kitchen Ideas For
 Kitchen Countertop Tiles

You'll want to choose a design and color for your kitchen countertop tiles first since it'll probably be your most expensive investment. Some good choices for Countertop tiles are Granite Countertops, Marble Countertops, Slate countertops or even the more exotic Glass countertops or Terrazzo tile countertops.

Once you've decided on your kitchen countertop tile, take a sample of it with you when you go shopping for your kitchen floor tile and kitchen backsplash tiles.

Kitchen Ideas For Kitchen Floor Tiles

Your kitchen ideas should now be to coordinate the finish and color of your kitchen floor tile with that of your kitchen countertop tile. For instance, If the kitchen countertop tile you've chosen has a glossy finish you'll want to choose a glossy kitchen floor tile, and the same rings true for a matte or flat finished countertop and flooring. You'll also want to make it, so the colors of your kitchen tile designs compliment each other, 

You can use your kitchen cabinets as your secondary color. And if they need a little sprucing up keep in mind you can always paint your kitchen cabinets to your desired hue. Then select a kitchen floor tile color that adds contrast between your kitchen cabinets and your kitchen countertop tiles.

A good example would be, if your kitchen cabinets were Walnut brown and you've chosen a cream colored Honed Marble countertop tile with swirling patterns and veining of brown and gold tone colors.  You could select a  brown kitchen floor tile with gold color undertones. 

The brown kitchen flooring would complement the brown kitchen cabinets and also highlight the brown and gold patterns in the marble countertop tiles. 

You could have these same Walnut brown cabinets with caramel colored Granite countertop tiles with cream and gold-tone speckles. Both colors would compliment the brown kitchen cabinets. So if your kitchen ideas are to highlight the speckled pattern in the countertop tiles, You would have the choice of choosing either a kitchen floor tile with a goldish tone or one of cream, or beige, use a mixture of the two, Or you could even leave out the tile pattern and choose the caramel color for your kitchen floor tile.

You can also use the same style and color tiles for your kitchen countertop tiles and kitchen floor tiles, as long as they compliment your kitchen cabinets. And Slate floor tiles make it very easy, because of the color variations found in slate tiles.

These Slate tiles highlight the caramel hue of the kitchen cabinets in both the kitchen counter tiles and the kitchen floor tiles.

You can even match up your the wood from your kitchen cabinets with a wood textured Laminate, Porcelain floor tiles or even a Bamboo flooring.

If you keep the colors of your kitchen countertop tiles, kitchen floor tiles, and kitchen cabinets simple and in contrast you should do fine.

Kitchen Ideas For Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Now your kitchen ideas should be focused on how you'll work your kitchen backsplash tiles into the mix of your countertop, cabinets, and flooring.

The kitchen backsplash isn't one of the biggest design elements of the kitchen, but it's very visual. It not only protects the drywall between the kitchen cabinets and countertop but regarding looks kitchen backsplashes carry a lot of weight in the design the kitchen.

Kitchen backsplashes can be more versatile than many may realize. It can play the role of being both practical and also an attractive feature of the kitchen. It can be the visual glue that ties all the other design elements of the kitchen together. 

So your kitchen ideas should include choosing a kitchen backsplash tile that will contrast with the color of your kitchen countertop tile and kitchen floor tile,  your appliances and other design elements of the room.

The colors don't have to match, but they should certainly complement each other. Your kitchen backsplash tiles at the very least should blend and harmonize with the other kitchen designs.

If you match the color of your kitchen backsplash tiles with the color of your kitchen countertop tile it creates a smooth continuous flow of color that will work similar to a canvas showcasing the colors of your small appliances and other decorative elements.

Backsplash tile colors like creams, Beige or brown blend well with anywhere from  Granite tile countertops to wood.

Another way to work your backsplash tiles into your kitchen tile designs is to consider the other colors in your kitchen.  Consider the color of your flooring, kitchen cabinets, and appliances all the way down to the light fixtures and accessories. Then select colors for your kitchen backsplash tiles that coordinate with your overall kitchen design. 

Encaustic Cement tile designs and Mosaic tile patterns are perfect for use as kitchen backsplash tiles They can have all the colors for coordinating your kitchen tile designs in a single tile or sheet of tiles.

In most cases, you'll be fortunate enough to find the colors you need already assembled on Mosaic sheets. And if not Mosaic tile patterns are versatile enough where you can mix and match them to acquire a mixture of whatever colors you desire.  

You could select a highly repeated color to match your kitchen countertop tiles and use the other colors to highlight other elements of the kitchen, such as your kitchen floor tiles, appliances, lighting vessels or small appliances and accessories.

Before purchasing your backsplash tiles, get hold of about four backsplash tile samples or a sheet of Mosaic tile patterns that you like and think may be a good match. Dry-lay them up against the back of your kitchen countertop. If it works well with your countertop and other kitchen designs, you've got a winner! If not try again.

Coordinating the colors for kitchen tile designs is not hard, Remember to keep your kitchen ideas for your bigger elements like your kitchen countertop tile, kitchen cabinets and kitchen floor tile simple, And allow either your kitchen backsplash tiles or smaller design elements to carry the weight of adding the color.

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