Installing Kitchen Wall Tiles From Floor To Ceiling Makes A Lot Of Sense!


If you think installing kitchen wall tiles to kitchen backsplashes spruces up the kitchen tile designs, you should see what tiling a wall in its entirety can do.

For years folks have known about the durability of tile but for some reason continued limiting their kitchen wall tiles to the backsplash. But if you take a moment to think about it, Why just tile the backsplash when you can tile the whole wall? Lots of folks must have asked this question because today tiling kitchen walls are reaching an all time high. 

Kitchen tile designs are no longer just about kitchen floor tile, kitchen countertop tile and kitchen backsplash tiles.

It's now about Kitchen wall tiles. And this creates a new option for using the beauty and durability of Ceramic wall tiles. 

Where there was paint, there should now be tile! And Ceramic tile designs have all the breathtaking kitchen tile designs you'll need. 

But If you're going to tile your kitchen walls, there have to be some benefits to doing so. Well, there are many great reasons, especially when you use Ceramic Wall Tile compared to painted walls.

The Benefits Of Using Ceramic Tile Designs As Your Kitchen Wall Tiles

There's a lot of greases and residue from steaming and cooking that goes on in the kitchen, And where is it's final resting place? Right on the kitchen walls!

The mess will build up on painted walls and if you wash them a few times the paint will fade, And it will stay that way until you finally decide to re-paint them. 

*Ceramic wall tile is stain and moisture resistant, So you simply wipe the tiles clean with soap and water, and you'll always wind up with that same colorful, silky smooth finish you had when you first installed them.

*Ceramic wall tile is also resistant to extreme temperatures. Neither frost or even continuous exposure to sunlight will affect their color. It remains the same and unlike paint the color never fades. And you get all this for a relatively inexpensive cost. And an easy wall tile installation.

*Ceramic wall tiles are durable and long lasting. And will keep their beauty for many years to come.

*There are Ceramic wall tiles that convincingly mimic the look of  Natural Stone, Glass, Wood, Cement,  and more.

*There are even Mosaic tile patterns, Stainless steel and Encaustic Ceramic kitchen tile designs, And these Ceramic tiles not only have the look to mimic these tiles, but they also include every bit of the texture.

*Ceramic tile designs also offer beautiful Decorative tiles that you can add right into your kitchen wall tiles to create eye-catching surprises throughout your wall tile patterns.

Go For It!

 If tiling your kitchen walls sounds good to you, go for it! But first decide on the look you desire, The options are limitless. You can create the look of wallpaper kitchen tile designs with Encaustic Ceramic wall tile anywhere from a modern geometric design to an Old World Southwestern design.

Or you could use Stainless Steel Ceramic wall tile to create a stylish sleek modern look. Or even Stone Ceramic tile designs to create kitchen tile designs anywhere from formal and elegant to warm and rustic!

Neutral And Subdued Ceramic Wall Tile

Ceramic tile designs offer numerous selection of colors and patterns, for kitchen tile designs. And they come with your choice of gloss or matte finish. You can create bright, colorful Kitchen tile designs or Neutral and subdued.

Stone Look Ceramic Wall Tile

There are Ceramic wall tiles that convincingly mimic the look of  Natural Stone tile all the way down to the tile texture

You can create a warm cozy environment with the beauty of Stone Ceramic tile designs at a fraction of the cost of natural stone tiles.

And The design options are limited only by your imagination.

Mix Ceramic Wall Tile

You can mix Ceramic wall tile to personalize the design of your kitchen. You can install them to all the kitchen walls, or just one or two.

You can also install them from the floor to ceiling or Counter to the ceiling. You can even install your kitchen wall tile from the floor to halfway or three-thirds up the wall. It's all about what you like and the look that you desire.

And when you choose Ceramic tile designs for your kitchen wall tiles You won't go wrong. The kitchen tile designs are endless, So you're sure to find one you like and serve you for many years to come.

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