Laying Ceramic Tile Can Be A Fairly Quick And Easy Floor Tile Installation.


 Now It's time for laying Ceramic Tile And watching your new floor tile installation take shape right before your eyes!

Installing floor tiles is one of the most crucial parts of the floor tile installation because you need to lay ceramic tile in straight lines and with consistent spacing. And you must also avoid having high and low Stone or Ceramic tiles.

This Ceramic Tile installation works for Stone floor tiles Also, But when Installing fragile tiles like limestone or any other, never beat them with a beater board and Mallet as these tiles are too fragile.

Tiling Tips for Laying Ceramic Tile To Floors

* You will need to lay your ceramic floor tiles in straight lines with consistent spacing.

* You'll want to install your Ceramic floor tiles so that the surface of your floor tile installation will be level and without high or low tiles.

*The Thinset Mortar Tile Adhesive you'll be using will only allow you about 10 minutes before it starts to set, If you move the tiles after this you will weaken the Thinset bond.

* To ensure that your floor tiles are spaced correctly you'll want to place your chosen size of plastic spacers between each corner of the tiles.

* You can install ceramic floor tiles to a plywood tile underlayment as long as the floor will not be getting very wet, and the subfloor is smooth and level. But if your installing Ceramic Tile to a bathroom floor, it's always best to use a Cement Backerboard tile underlayment.

Before you begin Installing your floor tiles You'll need to draw your tile reference lines and dry-lay a sample of your floor tile Installation.

Step 1 For Laying Ceramic Tile Mix and Spread Your Thinset

Mix up a small batch of Thinset because the Thinset tile adhesive begins to cure about thirty minutes after it's mixed. So you only want to make enough that you can use in this amount of time.

Step 2 For Laying Ceramic Tile- Set The Tiles On Your Reference Lines

man laying ceramic tile

Step 2 For Laying Ceramic Tile- Set The Tiles On Your Reference Lines

Align your first tile with the two reference lines and then set additional tiles against it.

As you set each tile try to be fairly precise, so you don't have to slide it any more than an inch or so.
Align your first Ceramic floor tile with two of your tile reference lines. Then lay additional floor tiles against it inserting spacers at each corner as you go.

As you are laying your tiles use a margin trowel to apply a thin layer of thinset to each of your tile backs.

This ensures a good adhesion between the Thinset and the tile. It will also level out low spots in your Substraie underneath.

Step 3- Tap Your Tiles With Your Beater board

man using beater board

After you've set a few tiles, place your beater board over the floor tiles and tap the board with a rubber mallet ensuring that floor tile backs are set firmly in the Thinset, and their top surface is flush with the neighboring floor tiles.

If you are using these instructions for a limestone or any other fragile floor tile installation, never beat them, as these tiles are too fragile.

Step 4- Adjust And Fine Tune Your Floor Tile Installation

man pressing down tile

When you need to adjust a tile slightly, place your hand on top of the tile with your fingers, spread out. And Gently press on the tile as you slide it.

If the thinset has not already set, you should be able to make a small adjustment. If you feel resistance followed by a sudden movement the thinset has probably begun to set.

In this case, first, Pick up the tile and try to comb the Thinset mortar underneath. But if the Thinset has already started to harden, scrape off all the Thinset from the back of the tile and start over with a fresh coat of Thinset.

Place either a straightedge or bubble level over your tiles surface to test that the tiles are all flat and level. If a tile is too high, try pressing down on all four corners. If a tile is too low, remove it and apply additional Thinset to build it up, and then reset it.

Remove Excess Thinset

Clean out any excess Thinset that has squeezed up between your floor tiles. Tile adhesive should always be 1/4 inch below the tiles surface, If not it can be seen through the grout.
 So use one of your spacers to scoop up any excess from between your floor tiles. Or if necessary you can use a Flathead screwdriver to scrape up the excess from between the tiles the next day.
It is much harder to remove Thinset once it hardens, so best to do it now.  Don't walk on the tiled floor surface for at least 12 hours.

Congratulations on installing your new ceramic floor tile, now that you've completed laying ceramic tile, you are now ready to finish up your floor tiling job with grouting your floor tiles.

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