Luxury Vinyl Tile Convincingly Mimics The Look Of Ceramic Floor Tiles, Porcelain Floor Tiles And Natural Stone Flooring!


Luxury vinyl tile is the Rolls Royce of vinyl floor tiles. These unique Vinyl floor tiles can convincingly mimic the look of Ceramic floor tiles, Porcelain floor tiles and even Natural Stone Floor tile designs.

There are Luxury floor tile designs with light embossing and the gentle details found in smoother stone flooring like Granite or Concrete. Then there are some with medium to heavy embossing to mimic the appearance of Tumbled or roughly hewn Natural Stone floor tile designs. And they do it all the way to the gorgeous natural colors and surface texture that feel like the real thing.

There are even Luxury Vinyl tiles designed to be installed with grout. How's that for being realistic?

Resilient flooring Like Vinyl is known for its warmth and comfort underfoot; Luxury Vinyl is popular for even more of a  durable protective finish that wards off moisture, scratching chipping or tearing,  And once installed these Vinyl floor tiles are surprisingly beautiful.

Just imagine the possibilities when you use these unique floor tile designs as a kitchen floor tile or bathroom floor tile? You can have it all!
You get the beauty and warmth of Stone, Porcelain and Ceramic floor tiles with all the comfort and ease of maintenance of a Vinyl floor tile, And at a fraction of the cost.

Luxury Vinyl floor Tiles cost a bit more than other vinyl floor tile designs, but you won't find the elegance found in these tiles in any other vinyl tile flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Floor Tile

Vinyl kitchen Floor Tile

Luxury vinyl floor tile looks stunning in classical checkerboard floor tile patterns for both a kitchen floor tile or bathroom floor tiles, And you can create these attractive floor tile designs with the look of Ceramic floor tiles, Porcelain Floor Tiles or Natural Stone Flooring or a mixture of any two.

They can give you an elegant kitchen floor tile or bathroom floor tile for a fraction of the price of the real thing!

Vinyl Bathroom Floor Tile

Kitchen floor tile and bathroom floor tiles require water resistance and an ample amount of durability, and Luxury vinyl floor tiles easily fit the requirements.

Grouting Vinyl floor Tile

Some folks like their floor tile designs with a little wider grout lines.

 You can select luxury floor tile designs, grout them with the grout especially made for these Vinyl floor tile designs and create an even more realistic look of Natural Stone or Ceramic floor tiles.

Luxury Vinyl Tile For The Foyer Or Entryway

Luxury vinyl floor tiles can easily stand up to the traffic of a foyer or entryway while making a statement of bold elegance.

It does an excellent job of mimicking porcelain floor tiles, and only you and the tile dealer need to be the only one's who know.

A luxury vinyl floor tile installation is the same as for installing non stick vinyl floor tile. Which is one of the simplest of floor tile installations.

Should you decide to grout your luxury floor tiles be sure to use only the special acrylic grout designed for these luxury vinyl tiles.

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