A Mosaic Tile Pattern Is An Excellent Choice For Brightening Up Kitchen Backsplash Tile, Bathroom Wall Tile And Bathroom Floor Tile!


Mosaic tile patterns are considered specialty tiles. They are any grid of smallish tiles working together to create a whole.

Almost all Mosaic tiles come already assembled on a mesh, rubber or paper backing. That measure 12x12 squares making for a relatively easy wall tile installation or floor tile installation.

About Mosaic Tile Patterns

* Some Mosaic tiles create a mural effect while others are composed of eye-catching patterns of brilliant colors. There are also Mosaic tiles that have the same color pattern throughout the entire sheet. And others that include various tones of it.

* Mosaic tile patterns are available in materials ranging from a Glazed Ceramic Mosaic to rough Natural Stone, Or even Colored Glass Tiles or Metal Mosaic tile designs!

* Mosaic tiles also come in a wide array of interesting shapes besides the typical square. And these shapes bring even more of an attractive look to the Mosaic tile. They can be in various shapes of hexagons, circles, rectangles or even little vegetables or fish.

* The most popular Mosaic tiles of today are tiny opaque glass tiles and mixed textures such as smooth glass with rough stone.  And River Rock is another Mosaic tile pattern that offers an intriguing tile design!

* Mosaic Tiles will brighten up any area where you choose to lay them, But they work especially well when used as a kitchen backsplash tile, A bathroom wall tile or even a bathroom floor tile.

* In most cases glossy tiles are slippery when wet, so they're not a good choice for a bathroom floor tile. But you can use even the glossiest of Mosaic Tiles as a bathroom floor tile because mosaic tiles have many spaces that hold grout and the grout creates the perfect slip resistant bathroom floor.

Glass Mosaic Tile

The look of Mosaic Glass tile is nothing less than breathtaking. It's ideal for brightening up dark areas of a room.
They can easily create a gleaming surface for any space. When used as a kitchen backsplash tile, They create an eye-catching  wall of interest that will enhance the look of any style of kitchen counter tile.
Glass Mosaic Tile is stain and water resistant, and durable enough to use as a bathroom floor tile.

When used as a bathroom wall tile, They can brighten up the entire room with a gleaming surface that will outdo even the glossiest of ceramic mosaic tiles.

When it comes to tiling a wall with Glass Mosaic tile it can be quite expensive, But don't let that concern you. Glass Mosaic tiles are quite versatile.

You can use them as an accent tile to enhance the look of your other bathroom wall tile or bathroom floor tile.  Rather if you lay them somewhere in the middle or as a border tile on top of your bathroom wall tile, Or even as an exciting border for your bathroom floor tile!


Stone Mosaic Tile

Stone mosaic tile is available in just about any natural stone tile you can imagine. And They come in a large range of colors, finishes and shapes.

Natural Stone Mosaic tile designs come in the beauty of Marble tiles in both glossy polished or rough Tumbled Marble tile designs. They come in squares of either all polished marble tiles, all Tumbled Marble or even a textured filled mixture of the two.

Marble Mosaic Tile comes in a range of colors of whites, greens, yellows, reds and even black. You can use them in single colors, a mixture of some or even all.


Ceramic Mosaic tile

Ceramic mosaic tile comes in a variety of colors, shapes and textures. There's ceramic mosaic tile available that can convincingly mimic stone mosaic tile, glass mosaic tile, and even metal mosaic tile.

Ceramic mosaic tiles also come in an array of vibrant, eye-catching colors and finishes from silky gloss to that of a rough unglazed ceramic tile.

Just as with Marble Mosaic Tile, Glossy Ceramic Mosaic Tile creates more of a formal appeal to the room While Unglazed Ceramic Tile Mosaics creates a warm rustic look and feel.

Ceramic Mosaic Tile is an excellent choice for a kitchen backsplash tile, a bathroom wall tile, and a bathroom floor tile.

River Rock Mosaic Tile

River Rock Mosaic Tile brings a beautiful palette of nature's colors to the room. And they feel good underfoot, making them an excellent choice for a bathroom floor tile.
These smoothe texture River Rocks are pre-laid on a mesh backing in much the same way as the other Mosaic tile patterns.

Because of the odd shaped sheets of River Rock Tiles, they don't interlock like other mosaic sheets, so the rocks don't need to be aligned square.

River Rock Tiles call for a very easy floor tile installation, where you simply start tiling at one end of the floor and work your way to the other.

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