My Bathroom Tile

by Laura Walters

Tiling a bathroom can be tricky. There are lots of measurements and stuff that need to be worked out before you can even begin. Tiling my bathroom was only the second tiling job I had done. So it was interesting. I think I did a very nice job. :-)

Tiling Decisions

The first thing I did was decide what tile I was going to use in my bathroom and how it was all going to be laid out. I did NOT purchase the entire tile I needed at this time because I did not know this yet. I went to tile stores and looked at different tiles with different sizes and different colors. Looking at the different tiles helped me to get an image of what the bathroom would look like when it was done and how I wanted the different types and sizes laid out.

I picked out the main tile that I wanted to use for most of the coverage for the walls, floor, and shower/bath. Then I picked out some accent tiles that I would border these areas. I bought a few of each kind and went home to figure out precisely the layout, for example, how high I wanted the tile to go up the walls and so on.

Filler and Accent Tiles

I had picked out a larger size tile for filling in the most area. Then I had picked out smaller accent tiles to go around the outside edge. There were two styles of the smaller tiles; one type was decorated and the other was plain. The fancy ones cost more, of course. So, to save costs, I chose to alternate between the two going around the outside of the main area.

Next, I had to figure exactly where this border was going; how high, how for over, and so on. I had to pick a place to start the border tile to have the least amount of cut tile. I decided to start with the corner where the sink is.

Tiling Prep-work

I measured how many tiles (plus the space in-between) would be needed to reach the bath/shower area. This is where I would then go up to go around the shower which also determined the height of the shower surround.

I chose this as the starting point because this would be the main area where people would be looking. And any cut-off tiles in this area would look sloppy in my opinion.

So, I got out my level and pencil and measuring tape and drew the lines where this border would go. I had a line from start to finish around the bathroom.

Purchasing Tiles

Now that this was done, I could figure out just how many border tile pieces I needed. And I could figure out the area of the larger filler tile pieces. Then, of course to finish it off, I needed edging tiles to give it a finished look. Edging tiles (sometimes also called border tiles) have a nice finished outside edge.

I then went back to the tile store and purchased all the tile I need plus a few extra of each style. This is necessary in case of accidental breakages (or miscalculations). I also purchased all the tools, equipment, and other important stuff such as grout, and so on. Then I went to work installing my new bathroom tile. I was excited to see it finished.

DIY Tiling Results

I'm SO glad I did the necessary prep-work for this job. It turned out really great. I don't think a professional could have done a better job. It's been about three years since I tiled my bathroom myself and it's still holding up and still looks great. As of right now, it is my favorite room in the house. :-)

The only thing that I would do different is doing the floor either in a diagonal pattern or using smaller tiles. I believe it would have made a big difference. No biggie, though. I do have a small rug or two I keep on the floor anyway. :-)

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