Painting Ceramic Tile May Be Just The Answer You Need For Changing The Look Of Your Ceramic Tile Backsplash, Ceramic Tile Countertops Or Ceramic Bathroom Tile


Painting ceramic tile can be a fun, easy and inexpensive way to change the look of your tiles.  Your decision for painting tile may be that you've  outgrown the color of your tiles, or it may be that your creative juices are on the rise, calling for you to create something special for a particular space in your home.

Either way, you can paint tile in your individual style and create some pretty unique ceramic tile designs. 

It's amazing how simply changing the color of a ceramic tile backsplash, or ceramic tile countertops can transform the entire look of your kitchen or bath.

You can also get personal with your tiles and paint colorful, attractive decorative tile designs on your kitchen or bathroom tiles.

Painting ceramic tile will work very well for a ceramic tile backsplash, ceramic tile countertops or even ceramic bathroom tile. Just be careful not to paint ceramic bathroom tile in areas that are prone to getting wet, such as the bathroom wall tile of a tub surround or bathroom shower tile.

To keep your painted tiles looking vibrant, You must be willing to wipe up spills right away, never scrub the tiles with an abrasive cleaner and not let water stand on your painted surfaces for periods of time.

If you can live with this, painting tile will indeed work for you, if not you may do better to replace them with new ceramic tile designs in a style that you like.

Painting Ceramic Tile

Choose  Your Tile Paint

The best paint to use for painting ceramic tiles is a semi-gloss or high gloss oil based paint. Oil based paint does an excellent job of sticking to surfaces once it has dried and cured. Water based paints do not do well with sticking to a glazed ceramic tile surface. They tend to peel.

If you want help in choosing and matching colors for your tiles, use the easy to use color wheel tool. It's a simple tool that creates big results for choosing colors.

Step- One Thoroughly Clean Your Ceramic Tiles

The first step to painting tile is to clean your ceramic tile and grout. It's a must that you remove all the dirt, oils, wax or whatever else may have found it's way to the surface of your ceramic tiles.

The cleaner the tiles, the more rewarding your task of painting ceramic tiles will be.

You can use a cleaner specially designed for cleaning ceramic tile or a simple bathroom cleaner that contains a mild abrasive.

When it comes to painting tile, paint sticks much better to a clean surface and even better to a slightly rough surface.

Step Two-Tape Your Surfaces

Use masking tape to achieve fine lines and to protect the surfaces you do not want to be painted, such as the wall or countertop next to the ceramic tile backsplash you may be painting.

I find the blue masking tapes to be a lot easier to work with. It does an excellent job of protecting surfaces, and it's a lot easier to remove without damaging the surface it's applied to.

Step Three-Apply Primer

Use an oil based primer, the same as with oil paint it sticks better. Use a clean paintbrush and be sure to use straight even strokes,

For painting in grooves and removing excess paint from the grooves of your tiles, simply angle the brush to the side and use the tips of the brush to push paint in or to remove excess paint.

Read the directions on your particular label for the primer's drying time, and allow the primer to dry.

Step Four-Painting Ceramic Tile

Once your primer has dried, you're ready for the fun part where you can use your creativity for painting tile. Use a paint brush and use straight even strokes to apply your paint.

You can paint an entire field of ceramic tile or if you want you can paint designs to your tiles. You can even allow your painted field tiles to dry and create the tile designs of your dreams right on top of the painted tiles.

You can create whatever style of tiles you want. They can be decorative or two toned. You can create your own tile designs, or you can use stencils with shapes that you like.

You can also create tile borders or just paint tile designs of your liking here and there within the boundaries of your ceramic floor tile, ceramic wall tile or ceramic countertop tile.

Step Five- Painting Ceramic Tile With Urethane

Check the label on your paint can for drying time and once you're happy with your painted tiles, allow them to dry.

Once dried apply a coat of water-based urethane. Be sure to use water base urethane as it is very sticky, and does an excellent job of sticking to the oil based paint.

Another good thing about water based urethane is It will always remain clear. Many of the oil based urethane's tend to develop a golden tint over time.

After the first coat of urethane has dried, apply a second. Urethane is the strength of your painted tiles. It dries and cures into a hard finish that will protect your ceramic tiles, and keep them looking good for years to come.

There are also professionals who'll do the designing and painting of your tiles for you.

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