Painting Kitchen Cabinets Is An Inexpensive Way To Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Look New Again!


 Painting kitchen cabinets offer an inexpensive way to make dull, and worn kitchen cabinets look like new again!

Maybe your kitchen cabinets are starting to look drab and worn. Or It may just be that you've outgrown the look of your kitchen cabinets and simply need a change. 

You may even have installed new and exciting backsplash tiles or countertop tiles that made it more apparent that your kitchen cabinets are just not up to par.

Whatever the case may be painting kitchen cabinets is an inexpensive way to not only dramatically improve the look of your kitchen cabinets but also to enhance the appearance of the entire kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets without notice endure a lot of abuse in the kitchen. It's the little things that build up and cause them to lose their looks.

Things like the hot, dry air created every time you turn on your oven, Or the high humidity that comes from steaming vegetables. It can be as simple as a boiling a pot of rice, And let's not forget about the most dreaded challenge of all, Grease!

No matter how careful you are while cooking with it, Grease just seems to find your kitchen cabinets and stick like glue. And what about those greasy fingerprints? We never think about all our kitchen cabinets put up with until it's evident and those beautiful, luxurious kitchen cabinets start looking drab and dull.

If you just no longer like the design of your kitchen cabinets, it would make a lot of sense to replace them with something that suits you better; You can even save yourself a few thousands and the mess of having them ripped out, and have them refaced. Refacing kitchen cabinets are like renewing them. You keep the frame of your cabinets while everything else becomes brand new.

But if You still like the design of your kitchen cabinets, and the problem is just a matter of a flat, dull finish, you'd be surprised what adding new kitchen hardware, new cabinet hinges and draw slides and a good paint brush and a couple of cans of paint and primer can do.

About Painting Kitchen Cabinets

* If in doubt, when choosing a color for your kitchen cabinets, Neutral colors are always the default option where you can't go wrong. 

*Keep in mind if you are dressing up your kitchen cabinets for resale value, painting the cabinets in a neutral color is almost always the best option.

*You'll want your project of painting kitchen cabinets to have professional looking results that you'll be proud of, So it makes sense to do all the prep work required to achieve it.

* Just because your painting doesn't mean you have to work in a messy, unorganized area. Painting can be much more enjoyable if your workspace is clean and organized.

*  Wood is a great surface to paint. In fact, it's one of the best, even if it's compressed or faux wood. You can easily scuff up these surfaces with sandpaper, so the paint adheres to them very well. 

* The gloss on Stained wood needs first to be removed; There are some good liquid Sanders out there made for just that. And in a lot of cases, you just wipe it on with a rag.

* If your cabinets have a stained finish when sanding use a 220-grade sandpaper.

* For sanding a painted surface use a 120-grade sandpaper, and then a finer grade afterward.

* If your kitchen cabinets have many coats of paint you'll need to strip them. there are liquid paint strippers available that you brush on, and they instantly start dissolving the layers of paint.

* Avoid using products that have the paint and primer in one as they can never compare to the results you get by using them individually.

* While priming and painting be sure to keep the room well ventilated, and also wear a ventilation mask. 

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Step One Remove kitchen Cabinet Drawers And Doors

Begin by completely emptying your cabinets including your kitchen cabinet drawers. Then remove all the kitchen cabinet doors and kitchen cabinet drawers, And screw off all the kitchen cabinet pulls and handles. 

Be sure to label each drawer, so you'll later know where they belong.  And if you'll be using the same kitchen cabinet pulls and handles place them in small baggies and label them as well.

Thoroughly clean your kitchen cabinet drawers, kitchen cabinet doors, and the cabinet frame, making sure all the grease and dirt is all removed.  

Step Two Prep The Kitchen Cabinets

Carefully tape off areas you won't want to get paint on such as the kitchen cabinet hinges, countertops, and appliances. 

Use a wood filler to repair any imperfections to your surfaces including the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. If you have a rotary sander, it makes for easy work for sanding flat areas of your cabinetry. Bur you will need to hand sand the difficult areas.

Sand down the fronts of your kitchen cabinet drawers and door fronts. You are doing this to roughen up the surfaces. Then Use a damp towel to remove all the dust and allow them to dry completely.

Step Three  Apply Primer

After you’ve thoroughly cleaned and sanded all the elements of your kitchen cabinets it's now time for priming which is a crucial part of painting kitchen cabinets. 

Using a small paint brush or roller apply a thin coat of primer to all of your drawer fronts, and the fronts of your kitchen cabinet doors and also apply primer to the frame of your kitchen cabinet. 

If you want to paint the back of your doors, they'll need primer also. And while painting the kitchen cabinet doors, be sure to allow one side to dry before applying paint to the other side.

After the primer dries, it’s important to sand the cabinets all over again, But be less aggressive than the first time.

Using a fine grade sandpaper lightly sand over your primer. Then use a damp rag to remove the dust and then let dry.

Step four Painting Kitchen Cabinets

It's well worth it to paint your kitchen cabinets with a quality paint. A lot of folks feel that paint is paint, so why pay more? But I've done a lot of painting throughout the years, In fact. I enjoy doing the painting myself. And I've found you don't get the smooth, even coverage and the quality of color in the less expensive paints. 

I'm sure there's a lot of other good quality paints available, But once I used Benjamin Moore paints, I never looked back or thought of trying another.

Use Semigloss, gloss, or satin paint finishes for painting kitchen cabinets. These finishes are durable enough to allow for ease of wiping them clean. You will need to apply two coats of paint to your kitchen cabinets as well as The kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

Just be sure to allow the first coat to dry before applying the second. And to get a nice smooth finish use a  two and a half inch fine bristle brush. Let the paint dry and cure overnight.

When you awaken the next morning replace your kitchen cabinet drawers and doors, and then attach your kitchen cabinet pulls and handles.

Take a few moments just to marvel at your masterpiece, and feel free to return to your kitchen as many times as you like to take in the beauty of your newly painted kitchen cabinets.

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