Use The Elegance Of Parquet Floor Tile To Warm Up Your Home.


Parquet floor tile is one of the most elegant and decorative of floor tile patterns available.  And the floor tile installation for Parquet Tiles is much simpler than installing just about any other wood flooring.

Parquet tile is the ideal choice for do- it- yourself tilers who desire the beauty of a hardwood flooring. And you can use Parquet Mosaic tile patterns to create various interesting floor tile patterns from the many pre-designed styles that are available.

About Parquet Tile

* Parquet floor tiles are wood mosaics with floor tile patterns made up of small strips of hardwoods. They can be arranged on a mesh backing and glued down to the floor or in a more solid form which is also glued down, But have tongue and groove edges that quickly and easily interlock when you press the tiles together.

* Parquet tiles come in both unfinished and already finished Mosaic tile patterns. And They usually come in  9” X 9”, 12” X 12”, 19” X 19.” squares with a thickness: anywhere between 5/16” - ¾”s.

* These elegant wood Mosaic tile patterns most often come in oak, but depending on the manufacturer, you may also be able to find them in walnut.

* Finished Parquet tiles are treated with an extremely durable sealer that's significantly more durable than any store bought sealer. So for these type of parquet tiles, you won't have to seal them.

*Unfinished Parquet tiles are prone to staining and damage, So you'll need to apply a finish to protect it’s surface.
However, unfinished parquet tile gives you the options for choosing the color of the stain or finishing treatment to your liking, allowing you a wealth of decorative options.

* Because kitchen floor tile and bathroom floor tiles require a highly water resistant tile surface, the many joints of parquet tile along with the fact that wood material swells and warps from too much moisture, makes Parquet tile a bad choice for a bathroom floor tile or kitchen floor tiles.

Decorating Options For Parquet Floor Tile

Parquet floor tiles work Great for spacious formal spaces: like living rooms and dining rooms, They're also perfect for brightening up hallways, and foyers

* Each of these eye-catching wood mosaic tiles works to cover the entire floor in unison with beautiful, eye-catching floor tile patterns. And best of all, you can have it all at a fraction of the cost of other hardwood flooring's.

Parquet tile is not a good choice at all for small or functional areas like for a kitchen floor tile or bathroom floor tile.

The elegant but busy floor tile pattern of parquet tiles is far too busy for these already active rooms and can be overwhelming especially in tiny spaces. And These tiles have many seams making them unsuitable for the damp environments of kitchens and baths.

If you desire a kitchen floor tile or bathroom floor tile with the beauty and warmth of wood a better choice would be in a Bamboo flooring or Laminate floor tiles.

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