Parquet Floor Tiles Make For A Quick And Easy Floor Tile Installation.


The floor tile installation for Parquet floor tiles is much simpler than installing just about any other wood flooring. For this Parquet floor tile installation, we'll be installing Parquet tiles with tongue and groove edges.

They make for tight joints between the tiles by interlocking when you press them together
We'll also be using Parquet Tile adhesive along with them. Use the tile adhesive that your parquet supplier recommends for your type of Parquet tiles.

About Installing Parquet Floor Tiles

* The floor tile underlayment for a Parquet tile installation doesn't need to be very firm or smooth. You can install your Parquet tile over an old wood floor or even over vinyl. But the floor tile underlayment does need to be free of major defects. And the subfloor should be 3/4 inch thick and sturdy enough to support.

So to ensure that your tile underlayment is right, and for more professional results, It's best to remove old flooring and prepare a proper smooth plywood tile underlayment for your new parquet floor tile installation.

* Check Your Parquet Tiles For Fit. Find an out of the way area to open your tile boxes and as you remove them, check to see that all the edges and corners of the tiles fit.

* In the case of two tiles that won't fit together tight, it might be that a tongue or groove is slightly splintered. Simply cut off the offending portion of the tile with a knife, If you find that a groove is clogged with debris just clean it out with a screwdriver. For a Parquet tile that no matter what just won't fit, discard of it.

* It's important to vacuum your subfloor after you have test fitted your tiles, because if any debris gets into the tile adhesive, it will interfere with your floor tile installation.

* Parquet tile adhesive is very sticky and hard to clean, and it sets quickly, so try very hard not to get your hands and knees into it.

* As long as parquet tile adhesive is wet to the touch, it will bond. But if you lightly touch it and it feels tacky the adhesion is impaired.

* Clean up any accidental blobs of tile adhesive up immediately with a rag soaked in soapy water.

* Once you snap chalk your center reference lines to the floor, you'll be ready to start your Parquet floor tile installation.

Step 1 Spread Your Adhesive

Pour some tile adhesive onto the floor and working within one quadrant of your reference lines, spread enough tile adhesive for about eight rows of tiles. Avoid covering your chalk lines.


Use your notched trowel and make long sweeping strokes working the tile adhesive in a way where you don't leave blobs. Parquet tile adhesive starts to harden very quickly, So do it right the first time and avoid trying to comb over it again after a few minutes have passed.

Step 2 Lay your First Parquet Tile

Set your first tile onto the adhesive at the intersection of your reference lines. Gently push down and twist your tile into perfect alignment.

It's important that you align the finished edge of the parquet tile with the reference line to avoid running into unfinished tongues.

Step 3 Lay More Of Your Parquet Tiles

Set Your next parquet tile so that it interlocks with the first and also aligns with one chalk line. And continue laying your parquet tiles to the first quadrant of your floor.

Set the next Tile

The tile adhesive will allow you to move the tiles around for about thirty minutes. But sometimes the tiles may move even when you don't want them to. So you'll need to check them every few minutes and adjust them as needed.

Continue Laying Tiles

Continue spreading the tile adhesive and installing tiles, But don't apply it to the areas where you'll need to cut the tiles

 You'll cut  and install your edge tiles after you're done installing all of your whole tiles, So don't spread the tile adhesive to these areas until your tiles are cut and waiting to be laid.

Tap Partial Tile Into Place

While the tile adhesive is setting should you discover some of the tiles between the tiles are not tight, Use a scrap of tile and interlock it with the groove or tongue of the tile where the problem is. Then tap the partial tile into place with a hammer.

4 Tap Your Parquet Tiles

Tap each of your parquet tiles with a rubber mallet to ensure the bond is firm, then check the alignment of your tiles and adjust as needed.

Attempt to pry up one of your parquet tiles with your margin trowel, to test for firm adhesion. If the tile will not come up with moderate pressure, it is well bonded.

Finish up spreading tile adhesive and snapping  parquet floor tiles to the remaining quadrants of the floor until completion.

Once you're done installing your whole tiles, You're ready for cutting and finishing off your Parquet floor tile installation.

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