Cutting Your Parquet Tiles For Your New Parquet Floor Tile Installation


Once you have installed all of your whole parquet tiles, You're now ready to cut your edge tiles for your new Parquet floor tile installation.

Make sure that you do not apply adhesive to the areas of the floor where you will be laying your cut parquet floor tile. Leave these areas bare until you're ready to install the cut tiles to your floor tile installation.

A table saw, a radial arm saw or a power miter box is the easiest tools to use for cutting Parquet floor tile. When you use a circular saw or a saber saw this makes the job of cutting parquet floor tiles doable but a bit trickier.

If necessary clamp your parquet tile to your work table to keep your hands away from the blade, and  always remember to wear your safety goggles while cutting your parquet floor tile.

Cutting Parquet Floor Tiles

Mark your Parquet Floor Tile For Cuts

To measure for straight cuts to your parquet floor tiles, Place a 1/4 inch spacer against the wall. Place the tile that needs to be cut upside down with the tongue and groove that you're keeping lined up against the spacer. 

The other end of the tile should be overhanging the tile it will interlock with, Then use that underlying tile as your guide for marking your tile at both edges of the tile to be cut. Use a straight edge to draw a line that connects the marks.

Make the break

 Sometimes if the cut you need is a half or a quarter of a tile you may be able just to break the tile and without any sawing. Simply bend the tile between the corresponding seam and its component pieces and they will come apart.

Using A Circular Saw To Cut Your Parquet Tiles

When cutting Parquet floor tiles with a circular saw be sure to wear gargles as a safety measure.

Use either your hand or even better a clamp to hold your parquet tile upside down and in place against your work surface. Then cut along your line with the circular saw, Keep the blade of the circular saw against the line of the scrap side of the tile. When you cut Parquet floor tiles from the back, the finished side is better protected from chipping and splintering,

Making Your Cutouts For Your New Parquet Floor Tile Installation

The best way to make a notch to your parquet floor tile is with a jigsaw, But the blade must a fine-toothed one. If you first apply masking tape to the bottom of the saw's base plate, you can cut the parquet floor tiles right side up. As this will protect your tiles from scratches.

Either hold or clamp your tile firmly in place while blowing away the loose sawdust as you cut. It helps makes it easier for you to see the blade and keep it on the line.

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