Is Quarry Tile A Natural Stone Tile?


It's amazing how quarry tile has the look and feel of a natural stone floor tile design, but they're actually an unglazed ceramic floor tile design.

Quarry, ceramic tile designs are produced by machines that extrude wet clay through a slot, It looks somewhat like on a pasta maker. The quarry ceramic tile designs are then cut into squares.
The machines leave ridges on the backs of the tiles. When tiling a floor with Quarry floor  tiles, the ridges help the adhesive tile lock onto the tile.

 Quarry, ceramic tile designs, come in beautiful shapes of squares and hexagons. They also come in 3x6 or 4x8 rectangles making for very attractive and exciting floor tile designs.

Quarry Ceramic tile is Mass produced unglazed making them one of the least expensive of floor tiles, But there are some glazed quarry floor tile designs available, but their glazes are typically translucent.

Quarry ceramic tile designs are prone to staining, So they'll need to be sealed with a tile sealer for added protection.  Quarry floor tile designs are available in stunning hues of earth tones, grays, and pastel colors.

Quarry floor tile designs need a strong, solid underlayment to prevent them from cracking and loosening. They also need to be properly grouted.
Laying Quarry  Ceramic tile is similar to that of installing other ceramic floor tile designs, except due to its thickness making cuts to quarry floor tiles is a little more difficult.

Quarry Tile can be Very Durable!

Quarry ceramic tile designs make for a great floor tile design, but are less often used as a wall tile, and because of their wide grout joints, they are only occasionally used as a countertop tile.

When they are used as a countertop tile, the wide grout lines can make the quarry countertop tile and grout tough to keep clean,

 Quarry floor tiles not only look good but once sealed they are also very durable. They can be a very smart choice for areas where a very durable material is needed.

There are even freeze resistant grades of quarry ceramic tile designs available which can be used outdoors.

Tiling Tips For Quarry Floor Tile Designs

*Cut with a wet saw or make strait cuts with a snap cutter.

*Make cutouts with a nibbling tool.

*Set in latex reinforced mortar.

*For stain resistance, apply the sealer before grouting.

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