Refacing Kitchen Cabinets Is A Less Expensive Way To Go For The Look And Feel Of New Kitchen Cabinets!


Refacing kitchen cabinets offers a very economical way to obtain the look and feel of new kitchen cabinets, and without all the stress that comes from having to close down your kitchen, Or the mess that's involved with ripping out the old ones. 

You can even leave all your dishes and food inside the kitchen cabinets while the work's being done. And not only that You can enjoy your new kitchen cabinets in a week or even less.

Refacing kitchen cabinets consists of covering the exposed kitchen cabinet frames with a thin veneer panel with your choice of plastic laminate or genuine wood.

It also includes your choice of finish and style for your new kitchen cabinet drawers and door fronts to match the veneer.

You'll be offered your chosen style of new drawer slides and hinges. You'll also get to select your new knobs and pulls, and molding to complete the transformation.

About Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

* In most cases Refacing Kitchen Cabinets won't work for kitchen cabinets that have been warped from water damage or if the frame structure is not stable and sound. The only answer for these symptoms requires buying new cabinets.

* A less expensive alternative to wood or laminate kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts is Thermofoil design. It consists of fiberboard coated with a durable plastic finish.

* The Plastic laminate designs are moisture resistant and very durable. They offer a multitude of breathtaking colors designs and patterns, and at a reasonable price. So you can get as creative as you like, you can even create your own designs by choosing contrasting colors rather than matching up every kitchen cabinet drawer and door the same. 

* The most expensive of the veneers is the beauty and warmth of genuine wood. They offer stunning wood finishes of maple oak and cherry in a broad range of stain colors. 

What To Expect When Hiring A Professional For Refacing Kitchen Cabinets.

Usually, The first step would be the professional installer coming out to your home. The Pro will work with you to determine the color and style you desire for your kitchen cabinets. 

The Pro will also work with you on choosing your kitchen cabinet hardware. You'll have the option to choose from beautifully polished kitchen cabinet hardware such as Stainless Steel, Aluminum or even Bronze cabinet pulls and knobs.   

And if you want to add a few hardware features to not only make your kitchen more functional but a much more pleasant space to work. You can include hinges with the latest built-in soft closing features, Or kitchen cabinet drawer slides that are so smooth they make opening and closing your kitchen cabinet drawers a pleasant experience every time. 

These kitchen cabinet hinges and drawer slides can really make working in your kitchen a joy!

Once done, The Refacer will measure your kitchen cabinet frame to determine the amount of veneer needed to cover the frame, He or she will also determine the sizes and amount of kitchen cabinet doors, and drawer fronts that are required.

Depending on your kitchen cabinets not being in stock you may or may not have to wait for the new order to arrive. But once they arrive, the professional Refacer will get right to work on removing your existing kitchen cabinet doors along with the kitchen cabinet drawers.

Then they will wash the fronts of the cabinet frame with a degreaser and then lightly sand the surface. They will also make any needed repairs to the frame surface.

Next, the Pro will apply the veneer to the cabinet faces and to whatever ends of the cabinets that will be exposed. They will then attach the new kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts, and any extra's you may have ordered. And last of all they'll install your kitchen cabinet hardware.  

When the cabinet refacing specialists have completed their masterpiece, your kitchen cabinets will look and feel as though you just had brand new luxurious kitchen cabinets installed. 

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