Use River Rock Tile To Bring A Touch Of Nature To Your Bathroom Floor Tile.


River rock tile allows you to create stylish bathroom designs that connect you with nature. You can use these pebble mosaic tile patterns with their smooth, organic surfaces to create a rustic yet luxurious look to your bathroom.

There are large river rocks, tiny pebbles or even flat cobbles. And they range in soothing natural colors from monochromatic whites to vibrant brown and a variety of sandy hues that let you bring the grandeur of nature right into your bathroom. And give you the look and feel of bathing in a mountain stream.

River rocks are natural stone pebbles created by nature by way of the incredible force of current that comes from a swift moving river. When the water moves over these smaller stones, they are picked up in its current and get bounced off bigger rocks;

Overtime these little rocks are more and more eroded by smaller particles of sand resulting in smooth round rocks. These are some of the same rocks folks use to toss and skip across the water.

They are flat with no sharp edges or cracks. And this also makes them incredibly useful for creating river rock tile, Which in turn makes for some very stylish and impressive wall and floor tile designs.

The manufacturer can either polish Rock tile or leave them with the natural finish nature gave them for the purpose of creating beautiful landscapes. You would need the polished pebbles for use inside the home not only to protect the rock tile, but it makes for a better-looking wall or floor tile design.

These eye-catching pebbles come attached to a mesh backing much like Ceramic or glass Mosaic tile patterns. They typically come on 12”x12” mesh sheets making for an easy installation.

You can use these small rock beauties as a bathroom floor tile to the entire floor and create a unique full nature appeal or use them to create interesting floor tile patterns by integrating them into other floor tile designs, such as  Laminate floor tiles, or Bamboo flooring or even Ceramic or Porcelain Floor tiles.

And If you are looking to add a unique look and feel to your shower, consider installing small river rocks to your shower floor.  They can be placed either whole for a smooth rounded floor tile design, or cut flat into sheets for a flat level flooring.

And River Rock Tile does even more than create a beautiful bathroom floor tiles. You can make an even bolder statement in the bathroom by using River Rock as a bathroom countertop tile.

River Rock can bring a more natural look to your bathroom.The natural essence of pebbles gives the room a more rustic yet luxurious appeal.
Once installed your bathroom will look and feel like your very own private oasis.

About River Rock Tile

* Rock tile requires quite a bit of grout between the stones as opposed to square or rectangular tiles where you grout thin lines between the joints. And for tiling a shower floor with this amount of grout can create some challenges. Depending on the hardness of your water And even when using the best of stain resistant grout, the minerals in the water can discolor the grout.

* Depending on personal preference some folks may find the rounded pebbles uncomfortable underfoot, while others feel like it's a good feeling beneficial massage that's soothing to their feet.

* If you desire the look of a whole river rock floor but don't find the pebbles comfortable to stand on you can use thick scatter rugs to add warmth and cushioning.

*You may also be able to create a somewhat similar look and feel by using a natural stone tile like Tumbled Marble, an Unglazed Ceramic tile or even Porcelain tiles that mimic the look of natural stone flooring all the way down to the texture.  

* River Rock is a product of nature. So they will contain variations in color, texture, shading and even veining
You'll need to mix different rock tile designs from various cartons and lay them out to determine the tile patterns to your liking, before the actual installation.
*River Rock Tiles will need to be sealed before grouting The tile sealant protects them from being stained by the grout, And for added protection they'll need another coat of tile sealant after grouting.
 Use a premium penetrating tile sealant and Only use cleaners designed specifically for natural stone flooring.

* A Pebble countertop tile is absolutely stunning, But you'll need to select rock tiles that are fairly even. You'll want your countertop tiles as level as possible, So the items you sit on it will stay stable and not rock their way off the counter.

* Determine the size of rock tiles you want to use by matching them up with the size of your bathroom.For larger bathrooms both large or small stones work well. Smaller bathrooms look more attractive with smaller stones.

Pebble Floor Tile Patterns

Create breathtaking floor tile patterns by mixing different shapes, colors and sizes of river rock tile. Or you can keep the floor tile patterns neutral by using the same color and style. And use another design for eye-catching accents. You can even mix up the floor tile patterns and use larger stones as your bathroom floor tile and smaller ones for the shower floor.

River Rock Decorative Trim

River Rock does an excellent job of decorating bathroom back splashes, trimming around mirrors, doorways, and windowsills and even outdoors.

Integrate River Rock Tile Into Other Floor Tile Designs

Use Rock Tile to create interesting floor tile patterns by integrating them into other floor tile designs, such as Wood Laminate floor tiles, Bamboo flooring or even Ceramic or Porcelain Floor tiles.

Decorative Accents For The Shower

Add even a bit more of nature to your shower by using some of the rock tiles as an accent stripe around the perimeter of your shower wall or in the back of a soap niche.

 And you can even install your rock tile in a rectangular shape in front of your tub or vanity and create the look of an elegant rock bath mat.

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