Bring the Beauty Of Nature into Your Home By Using the Natural Beauty of Rock Tile Floor Tile Designs For Your Bathroom Floor Tile

River Rock tile makes for an excellent bathroom floor tile. These rock floor tile designs have a natural non-slip surface; that feels good underfoot.

Rock floor tile designs can bring a beautiful palette of natural colors to your bathroom floor, and when you install River Rock as your bathroom floor tile, Just as with other Mosaic tile patterns, it makes for a very quick and easy floor tile installation.

You can use these small rock beauties as a bathroom floor tile and cover the entire floor to create a unique full nature appeal, Or use them to create interesting floor tile patterns by integrating them into other floor tile designs, such as  Laminate floor tiles, or  Bamboo flooring or even Ceramic or Porcelain Floor tiles.

And If you are looking to add a unique look and feel to your shower, consider installing small river rocks to your shower floor.  They can be placed either whole for a soothing rounded rock floor tile design, or cut into flat sheets for a smooth level flooring.

River Rock floor tile designs are pre-laid on a mesh backing much like Ceramic or Glass mosaic tile patterns. Look for the ones that are already factory sealed, or you can seal them yourself before the floor tile installation. Either way, River Rock tile designs need to be coated with a protective tile sealant before installing them, to protect them from the Thinset tile adhesive or the tile grout sticking so readily to their surface.

Because of their odd shaped sheets, River Rock tile designs don't interlock like typical mosaics, so the rocks don't need to be aligned square. So you just start your floor tile installation at one end of the room and work your way to the other.

The Rock Tile Floor Tile Installation

To begin your River Rock floor tile installation, you'll need to Remove the baseboards and prepare your cement backerboard tile underlayment.

Step 1 Mix And Trowel Out Some Thinset Mortar Tile adhesive

Mix up a batch of thinset mortar. Starting in a corner of your room spread a strip of thinset across one wall. And use a 1/4 inch square notch trowel to comb it.

Step 2 Lay Your First Sheet

River rock tile is a much simpler floor tile installation than standard mosaic tiles, The rocks are slightly different heights, so they don't have to be perfectly level.
These floor tile designs are also rounded, so they don't have to be square to any surface.

Place your first sheet of river rock tile against a corner of the room, then press each stone into the thinset mortar to ensure that the stones are bedded.  Otherwise, the mesh may interfere with stones bonding, leaving you with a loose floor tile installation.

Step 3- Fill In The Gaps

Lay your next sheet of river rock against the wall against your first sheet. Because of river rocks being random in size their edges don't interlock equally well, so be sure to align two well-matched pieces.

For rocks that stick out too far from a sheet, remove it by pulling it off the mesh backing. Then fill in the gap that's left behind or any other gap throughout the floor tile installation by using rocks of the size you need from another sheet. Set aside a couple of extra sheets for removing rocks as needed.

Step 4- Working Around The Obstacles

When you need to shorten a sheet at a wall or make a hole for a plumbing pipe or any other obstacle you may run into, Just remove the rocks as needed and trim the backing with a utility knife.

And If needed to you can patch in a smaller stone from your stash of scrap sheets of rock Mosaic tile patterns  to fill in the gaps. Chances are you won't need to make any cuts to river rock, but if you do use a tile nibbling tool.

Step 5- Grouting Your River Rock Floor Tile Installation

There are very few tiles that are as easy to install as river rock, and just as few that are as hard to grout, Even with other Mosaic tile patterns!
River Rockfloor tile designs joints are large, and there are tons of them, and the stones are also odd in shape.

Be sure your river rock floor tile designs have been sealed, Either by the Manufacturer or sealed by yourself before grouting these rock floor tile designs. If these tiles are not sealed, the grout will stick to and stain the tiles.

Grouting rock tile is the same as for any other floor tile installation
; You push the grout into the joints, smooth the surface and wipe off excess grout from the tiles.

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