Did You Know Rubber Floor Tiles Make For The Perfect Kitchen Floor Tile, Bathroom Floor Tiles And Are Even A Great Garage Floor Tile?


When most folks think of Rubber floor tiles, They imagine an industrial gray flooring where tile textures are not even a consideration. They know the floor is quite durable and comfortable but feel the floor tiles are only used mainly for gyms

But there's a lot more to rubber flooring than just covering a gym floor. Rubber tiles come in an array of exciting colors, And the color is consistent throughout the entire tile. Many Rubber tiles include tile textures. And they can be mixed and matched to create whatever floor tile designs you like!

Their slip-resistance, comfort, and warmth underfoot make them an excellent choice for bathroom floor tiles or a kitchen floor tile, While their cushioning and sound reduction offer just the right attributes to create a comfortable, safe exercise area or play area for children.  Rubber floor tiles are even durable enough to use as garage floor tiles or for exterior use.

Rubber floors are antibacterial and very easy to clean, They do not come with a shiny surface, but if you prefer glossy floor tiles you can easily coat them with a product to make them shine, and the shine does not at all affect the slip resistance of the floor tiles.

 Rubber flooring is available in sheets or interlocking floor tiles. Rubber flooring sheets will give you a more seamless look, But Rubber tiles are easier to maintain. And should a tile become damaged you can quickly and easily replace it. 

The floor tile installation for both rubber sheeting and interlocking tiles is very easy, and requires absolutely no tile adhesive.

And both sheet and interlocking floor tiles provide an excellent sound barrier to make the home a bit more peaceful. And they offer significant insulation during the cold months.

Rubber Floor Tiles

Rubber Kitchen Floor Tile

 Rubber tile is a good option for a kitchen floor tile, and especially for contemporary kitchens. They offer a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns. And when you use Rubber Tile as a kitchen floor tile, you not only get a  beautiful, stylish kitchen floor, But you also get the benefit of a soft and springy surface that allows comfort, especially to those who spend hours working and preparing meals in the kitchen.

Rubber is resistant to water,  it won't burn, and it's easy to clean. It's the ideal choice for a kitchen floor tile.

Rubber Bathroom Floor Tiles

Rubber floor tile is an excellent choice for bathroom floor tiles. It's very stylish. Rubber tile is also slip resistant and maintains it's traction even when wet. And it offers a soft spongy surface for bare feet.

Rubber tile remains resilient through the wettest and most humid of bathrooms, and since rubber tile doesn't retain water, they never harbor mold or mildew, And their very easy to clean, All you'll need is a mop and soap and water to keep your bathroom floor tile fresh and beautiful.

Rubber tile has all the qualities needed for bathroom floor tiles. It creates a beautiful, safe, durable, anti-mold and mildew, easy to clean bathroom flooring.

Rubber Floor Tiles For A Child's Room

Rubber flooring is Bacteria-resistant, And  Rubber floor tiles are also comfortable, safe and noise dampening. They come in colorful designs with letters and fairy tale images that can transform your child's room into a space that's perfect for enhancing any child's imagination.


You can even use Rubber floor tiles to create a safe surface for children to play outside of the home.
 These tiles offer adequate protection for the playground area as just about any other child proof surface.

Rubber tiles for Home Gym

Rubber flooring comes in interlocking tiles that you can easily set up and disassemble. And because these tiles can be portable, they are ideal for use in either a temporary or permanent exercising space.


 Many folks don’t have a whole room to use as a gym, and if not you can quickly and easily click your rubber tiles together whenever you want to exercise at home.

Rubber Garage Floor Tile

Rubber tile offers many options when used as a garage floor tile. You can mix and match colors and patterns, create the classic checkered floor, or create your own floor tile designs.

Rubber garage floor tile is chemical and stain resistant. But if one of the tiles happens to get damaged, you can easily replace it with a new tile, and your Rubber garage floor will look just like new again!

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